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What is an affiliate campaign or referral campaign and what is it for (Affiliate Marketing)?


An affiliate campaign or referral campaign is a marketing strategy in which a company rewards individuals or companies who promote their products or services and generate sales or leads.

In an affiliate campaign, the company offers a unique tracking link to affiliates to share on their promotional channels (websites, social media, email, etc.) and when someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase or become a lead, the affiliate receives a commission or reward for their promotion.

How can you earn money by referring or affiliate people in bookmakers, casinos, forex and binary options?

To earn money as an affiliate, you must first register with the bookmaker, casino, forex broker or binary options affiliate program. Then, you’ll need to promote the company’s website and your affiliate link through your website, social media, or other online marketing channels.

If someone registers and places a bet or transaction on the website through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission based on the commission policy of the affiliate program. The amount of the commission varies by website and can be a percentage of the amount wagered or a fixed amount per referred customer.

How many types of referral or affiliate campaigns are there?

There are 3 types of sports betting affiliate campaigns, forex affiliates and casino affiliates with different commissions so that you can earn money with each player you refer, fulfilling the conditions of the campaign.

You can earn money as an affiliate by promoting different sports betting houses, casinos or forex among your followers with these types of commissions:

  • CPA: Stands for “Cost Per Action” and is an online advertising payment model in which an advertiser pays for each action a user takes after clicking an ad. The action can be anything from filling out a form to making an online purchase.
  • Revenue Share: Refers to an online advertising payment model in which advertisers and affiliates share revenue generated from a specific user action, such as a sale or subscription.
  • A hybrid model of CPA and Revenue Share: Combines elements of both payment models. In this model, affiliates receive a fixed payment for each user action, just like in the CPA model. But, they also receive a percentage of the income generated by that action, as in the Revenue Share model. Therefore, affiliates have the opportunity to earn more money based on the sales or income generated by the actions of the users they have referred.

What is the best website to have full control over my referral marketing campaigns and earn more money with them?

Affiliabet, on its platform, offers its affiliates multiple affiliate campaigns for the Spanish, Italian, German and Latin American (LATAM) markets.

Commercial agreements with sports betting houses, poker, casino, bingo, forex and binary options with competitive commercial agreements so that you can make your broadcast channels 100% profitable.

An affiliate will be able to manage all their campaigns, obtain marketing resources and share directly on their online channels in a fast and efficient way. Payments and campaign metrics updated daily with an Affiliate Manager at the affiliate service.


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