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The platform known as AFFILIABET is owned by the commercial firm AFFILIABET S.L, with CIF. B-13626551, located in Calle La Mata No. 1 of Ciudad Real (Ciudad Real), the contact telephone number is +34 622 00 18 79 and email is info@affiliabet.com.

The aforementioned contact information is available to anyone who has a legitimate interest in commercial, fiscal, civil or judicial matters.

Regarding the functioning of the affiliation platform, incidents, questions, payments and billing, compliance with current regulations, data protection, etc., will be reported in each specific section of the contact channel with AFFILIABET SL for the resolution of doubts or incidents that any user may have.



AFFILIABET is a platform focused on the activity of online affiliate marketing whose activity is carried out through its own website www.affiliabet.com.

The affiliate marketing activity involves different entities that participate in the platform and that we will define and detail later in another section. The main purpose of the platform is to promote and maximize the profits of registered affiliates and brands (advertisers/operators). By using this platform, affiliates and advertisers will be able to get their product or service to a maximum amount of potential clients and users in a simple way through different online diffusion channels. Different management and control tools will also be available to affiliates, making it easier to publish products and services.

AFFILIABET is defined as an affiliate marketing platform with a special focus on the markets for sports gambling in general, online gaming, forex, binary trading and finance. Therefore, when we talk about products and services, we mean those that are specifically focused on the activities of the markets defined above, so our clients/brands (advertisers) are mainly online gaming operators, online casinos, brokers and some other affiliate platforms.


Affiliate marketing is defined as a type of online marketing where the purpose of professionals and companies is to spread their products and services to potential customers using online broadcasting channels on the Internet. Therefore, AFFILIABET promotes the products and services of its clients (brands, advertisers and operators) on its platform through collaboration agreements. The affiliates (platform users) register on the platform and access these products and services to promote them among their followers (target audience), if the affiliates captures clients and users for the promoted products and services they earn money and are therefore remunerated (variable earnings paid as commissions depending on the number of products and services converted).

Affiliate marketing is an activity based on advertising from company to company or from professional to professional called B2B (business to business) in which we advertise the products and services of our customers/brands (advertisers) on our platform, making them available to our registered affiliates (platform users) so that they can promote these products and services among their followers (target audience), called B2C (business to consumer), from professional to customer or from business to end customer. AFFILIABET as a platform is intended for affiliates (platform users) who have potential in their online channels of distribution such as social networks with many followers or a website / blog highly visited, the greater the channel of promotion and influence greater possibilities of promoting products and services and therefore of making money. The affiliate must focus on its target audience by promoting what most fits with its activity (sports gambling, poker, casino, bingo, forex, binary trading and finance) having therefore many more opportunities to convert and monetize.


The products and services promoted through our affiliate platform are exclusively owned by our clients/brands (advertisers) and therefore the conditions for the payment of the corresponding commissions for the acquisition of clients are imposed directly by our clients/brands (advertisers)  who are the ones who pay the commissions. The role of AFFILIABET as a platform and AFFILIABET S.L. as a legal entity is to serve as a payment channel from the client/brand (advertiser) to its affiliates (platform users).

The purpose of the AFFILIABET platform is advertising, whose objective is to promote the products and services of its clients/brands (advertisers) among potential clients using its affiliates (users of the AFFILIABET platform) who are those who have followers (target audience) that will also be the final consumers.

The activity of the platform is based on advertising from company to company or from professional to professional called B2B (business to business) in which we advertise the products and services of our customers/brands (advertisers) on our platform, making them available to our registered affiliates (platform users) so that they can promote these products and services among their followers (target audience), called B2C (business to consumer), from professional to customer or from business to end customer.

Regarding the type of product and service promoted through our affiliate marketing platform it is mainly focused on the online gambling, sports betting in general and finance markets. Therefore, the AFFILIABET affiliate platform aims to promote and encourage the activity of online gaming operators, such as bookmakers or casinos, as well as brokers specializing in finance. AFFILIABET’s clients/brands (advertisers) and its affiliate agreements focus on three main market:

  • Sports betting.
  • Online gambling.
  • Finance, forex and binary trading.


Considering the aforementioned, the subjective relationship in the field of affiliate marketing has a tripartite character and connects all of them in the affiliate platform AFFILIABET. The three entities involved are: CUSTOMER/BRAND/ADVERTISER/OPERATOR (gaming operator, bookmaker, broker, etc., which announces its activities, products and services on the AFFILIABET platform); AFFILIATE/USER (who, through registration and access to our online affiliate platform, accesses the activities, products and services promoted by AFFILIABET and distributes/promots them among its target audience as followers and players) and PLAYERS (who are the final consumers who access the product or service of the former through the links provided by the affiliates on their website/blog, social networks and their own and external distribution channels).

For the relationship described above, the clients/brands/advertisers/operators release the corresponding commissions to the affiliate platform in relation to the referred traffic (number of clients obtained by the affiliates registered in our platform) and subsequently the affiliate platform releases the corresponding commissions to the affiliates/users, in relation to the referred traffic (final consumers/players who contracted the products and services of our clients/brands/advertisers/operators through the affiliates of the affiliate platform).  Since all of this activity is carried out using URL links, clients/brands/advertisers/operators know how many end-consumers/players have been referred through the AFFILIABET platform and therefore AFFILIABET knows how many end-consumers/players have been referred by each affiliate/user in order to set up the commission structure.

The entities involved in the affiliate marketing activity are:

    • CUSTOMERS/BRAND/ADVERTISERS/OPERATORS: are companies dedicated to the different sectors offered in our AFFILIABET platform such as sports betting (bookmakers), online gambling (gaming operators or casinos) or finance, forex and binary operations (brokers).  Customers/brands/advertisers/operators, offer the market different campaigns, bonuses, offers, etc., whose purpose is to reach the greatest number of potential customers. These customers/brands/advertisers/operators have previously authorized AFFILIABET, through the corresponding agreements, to promote, distribute and advertise their activities using the platform to reach and be used by all affiliates/users. It is important to emphasize and make clear that the activities, products or services of customers/brands/advertisers/operators (campaigns, bonuses, offers, etc.), although they are promoted and distributed on the platform, are exclusively owned by them, and therefore AFFILIABET has no rights over them, beyond the simple publication or promotion. On the platform AFFILIABET will keep members / users informed about the validity, expiration and essential conditions of such activities, products or services. Compliance with current regulations on responsible gambling is exclusively the responsibility of customers/brands/advertisers/operators, and AFFILIABET will not have any liability in these matters, since its activity is limited to the marketing or promotion of its activities, products or services.




    • AFFILIATES/USERS: all the natural or legal persons who register on the AFFILIABET platform become affiliates/users. Once registered they can access the activities, products or services of customers/brands/advertisers/operators, promoted through the platform as well as the tools that AFFILIABET makes available. It is a mandatory condition that affiliates/users accept these terms and conditions before operating through the AFFILIABET platform. Affiliates access the section within the platform that interests them the most to request access, promotion and diffusion of the products or services that clients/brands/advertisers/operators have active on the platform and to be able to offer it to potential players/end customers who follow them in their online channels such as websites/blogs, social networks, etc.


AFFILIABET on its platform offers affiliates/users access to the promoted activities of its clients/brands/advertisers/operators (betting houses, online gaming operators, brokers, etc.) but the operational access to these activities and the possibility for affiliates/users to promote and publicize them is at the exclusive discretion of the client/brand/advertiser/operator who is the irrevocable owner of the campaign, offer, bonus, activity, etc.

AFFILIABET will provide to every affiliate/user personalized links so that they can promote the activities, products and services of our clients/brands/advertisers/operators, registering in the platform the number of effective clients captured and therefore being able to structure the system of payment of the converted commissions.

The affiliates/users must comply and adhere to the conditions, requirements and instructions established by the clients/brands/advertisers/operators. By means of a personal and non-transferable account the affiliates/users access the products and services of the clients/brands/advertisers/operators through AFFILIABET and promote them among their target audience (final consumers/players), generating their profits, whether higher or lower, depending on the capacity to promote the activities, products or services of the operators of gambling houses, online games of chance or brokers among their followers (final consumers/players). The final consumers/players/followers must perform the minimum operations required by the customers/brands/advertisers/operators to release the corresponding commissions. It is very important to pay attention to the warning contained in these terms and conditions and in each promotion, campaign, offer, bid, etc. about the so-called fraudulent players (concept explained below).

The affiliates/users must pay special attention to the so-called fraudulent players and incentivized traffic, which are those final consumers/players captured by the affiliates/users that do not perform the transactions, acquisitions or activities required by the client/brand/advertiser/operator to release the corresponding commission, that have performed cashback actions or other reasons that may be justified by the operator. It is also also importante to note that the client/brand/advertiser/operator is the one who establishes the conditions, requirements and instructions for releasing the payment commissions, and also stipulates and decides in each case what is meant by a fraudulent player, as they are the owners of the activity, product or service promoted on the AFFILIABET platform. On certain occasions customers/brands/advertisers/operators do not consent the incentivized traffic which, even if it meets the conditions and requirements stipulated by the operator, is understood to have been motivated, incentivized or stimulated by some promise/proposal and is not defined as effective, legal or converted traffic by the operator for the payment of commissions. At this point, it should be mentioned that any bots or automatic mechanism that is not a real player is also considered a fraudulent player. It is necessary tp specify to all affiliates/users of the platform that only operators have the power to classify players/end users or traffic as effective or legal (the one able to generate commissions and therefore profit), fraudulent, deceitful or incentivized so that in these last cases it is up to the clients/brands/advertisers/operators to decide whether or not to pay the commissions. When any player is qualified as fraudulent by the client/brand/advertiser/operator they will be eliminated from the corresponding campaign and will not generate the stipulated commission or profit. If the above occurs, AFFILIABET will notify the user/affiliate immediately along with the explanations and clarifications provided by the operator so that as a user/affiliate he/she can take the actions he/she considers appropriate against the operator.

    • FINAL CONSUMERS/PLAYERS: regarding the affiliate marketing activity, we call players the final consumers of the activities, products or services offered by the clients/brands/advertisers/operators of the platform. The final players/consumers access the activities, products or services mentioned through the links that the affiliates generate on the online platform AFFILIABET and make available to them. The affiliates are responsible for ensuring that the end players/consumers meet the requirements of the customers/brands/advertisers/operators (bookmakers, online gaming operators, brokers, etc.) so that the commissions can be released in a structured and organized manner, firstly from the operator to the affiliate platform and then from the affiliate platform to the affiliate. It is necessary to manifest in a clear and concise manner that it is exclusively up to the operator to qualify the referred players as effective or converted players for the payment of commissions or, if applicable, fraudulent or incentivized players, in which case it is possible that the corresponding commissions will not be released and, therefore, AFFILIABET will not be able to pay the commissions to the affiliate/user. Finally, it should be noted that the final players/consumers are responsible for complying with the requirements and stipulations demanded by the operators regarding the minimum age for trading, etc.




The type of commissions offered by the most common clients/brands/advertisers/operators are as follows:

    • CPA: The term CPA refers to that type of commission that is generated and released upon completion of a specific action required by the client/brand/advertiser/operator. The CPA is mainly given with the offers or bonuses, since to access them you always have to complete a specific acquisition or action. The conditions and requirements for releasing the CPA commission are established only and exclusively by the advertisers/brands/advertisers/operators , so it will be necessary to comply with such requirements in any case. This type of commission is usually released with an initial minimum deposit and a subsequent minimum transaction type made by the final consumer/player but it depends on what is established by each operator.


    • CPL: Coste Por Lead. The CPL is a type of commission that is generated and released for each record or form completed. In the CPL what interests the customer/brand/advertiser/operator is the potential customer who has filled out a registration or form and has shown interest in the product or service offered by them.


    • RS: Revenue Share. This is a percentage of each player’s net loss that is paid to the user/affiliate on a monthly basis. It is more frequent today and depending on the market that RS is offered by operators in a linked or hybrid form as explained in the following point.


    • Hybrid commissions: They are a combination of the above, combining CPAs with RS or similar.




AFFILIABET is an affiliate marketing platform focused especially on the markets for sports gambling in general, online gaming, forex, binary trading and finance. The affiliate marketing activity involves different entities that participate in the platform as we have defined and detailed above. The main objective of the platform is to enhance and maximize the earnings of registered affiliates and brands (advertisers and operators). By using this platform, affiliates and advertisers will make their product or service available to a maximum amount of potential clients and users in a simple way through different online diffusion channels. Different management and control tools will also be available to affiliates, making it easier to publish products and services. Therefore, AFFILIABET develops a digital marketing activity so that the ownership of the campaigns advertised through the platform belong only to the operators who generate them.

Consequently, the operators in charge of the campaigns are the ones who establish the requirements and conditions for access to them, as well as the requirements and conditions for the release of the commissions. It is important to pecify and clarify that it is the operators and not AFFILIABET who decide on the requirements and conditions of each campaign, on the definition of fraudulent, deceptive, false, incentivized players, etc. For further information about the user/affiliate, AFFILIABET will publish the description, conditions, requirements and validity of each campaign. Regarding any digital advertising element such as labels, banners or images provided by our customers/brands/advertisers/operators are the exclusive property of them so the right of use of users/affiliates is limited. Thus, all elements and content that are in our platform AFFILIABET are limited.

It is necessary to note that each customer/brand/advertiser/operator is responsible for compliance with relevant legislation on gaming, and therefore AFFILIABET has no responsibility in this regard.


If a user subscribes to AFFILIABET’s platform he becomes an affiliate, being able to access the private part of the platform, the campaigns of our clients and the resources that AFFILIABET offers to the user as an affiliate. Registering, implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and the privacy policy, where we indicate the information that is required for registration and therefore we will request permission from the affiliate to process the data, which will be used exclusively for the development of the activity of AFFILIABET (as stated in the section on privacy policy).

As previously described the affiliate platform AFFILIABET is focused on all those entities (individuals, professionals, companies and agencies) that have an online media such as web/blog, social networks and any channel with which they can get in touch with their followers and therefore get players/end customers using the campaigns promoted in AFFILIABET that at the same time will be promoted by them becoming users/affiliates. If these affiliates are able to convert players that meet the requirements established by the advertisers of the campaigns, the commissions established and described in the campaigns will be released. To register as an affiliate in AFFILIABET, it is a requirement to be at least 18 years old. Each affiliate will be responsible for the content of its own website/blog or channel in the corresponding social network. Once the user/affiliate on the platform decides to activate any of the campaigns offered by the advertisers will be notified of their admission or acceptance via email or through the platform itself.

The following will be considered grounds for revocation: websites currently under construction, pornographic websites, websites directed at minors, websites that promote violence, that discriminate in any way, that promote illegal activities or that violate property rights in accordance with the law, in compliance with applicable legislation.


As our affiliate, you must agree to comply with these responsibilities and obligations:

    • The promotion of the campaigns/brands and products of our clients/advertisers/operators, using the marketing tools available in AFFILIABET.
    • Find players with active accounts validated by the client, following the instructions of our clients/advertisers/operators. As an example: sending your ID card when necessary or other verification requirements.
    • Register a single affiliate account. However, as a user you can always add several domains to your account.
    • You must provide correct personal information (email address, physical address, actual domain name…).
    • Visualization of AFFILIABET text links, banners or content on the website written in the corresponding language.



Affiliate Restrictions:

    • You cannot open another account directly with one of our partners.
    • You cannot use “spam” as a method of recruiting players.
    • You must respect and follow the conditions of each campaign.
    • As an affiliate you must be responsible for the content published on your website/blog, social networks or broadcast channel.
    • You must adapt your website according to the laws of your country.




The results for each campaign that has been promoted among the public of each affiliate and the commissions generated by it are automatically recorded in each affiliate account on the platform. For the calculation of the commissions generated, only the results verified and collected by our clients/brands/advertisers/operators will be taken into account. The result obtained for each campaign depends on the number of players/end users captured by the affiliate who, if they have complied with the established conditions and have not been verified as fraudulent players, will generate an effective commission payment. As we explained in point 2.4, some clients/brands/advertisers/operators do not accept traffic motivated by a promise or concrete proposal incited by the user even though they have fulfilled the deposit and minimum bet requirement established by the operator.

AFFILIABET will update the account of each affiliate in the private area of the platform where it will be possible to check the number of players captured by each campaign used and the amount of commissions generated, specifying that the platform will firstly show the results with the players a priori verified and then, once they have been contrasted and verified with the operator, it is possible that some of them will be discarded as fraudulent or incentivized traffic and consequently some commissions previously generated will not be paid by the operator. The aforementioned fact will be communicated by AFFILIABET to the affiliate for its knowledge, and the affiliate understands and accepts that ultimately, the classification of traffic as fraudulent or encouraged, corresponds to the operator.

The payment of commissions to the affiliates will only be made if the partner (client/brand/advertiser/operator) has made the payment. AFFILIABET is not responsible if the partner cancels or delays the payment and if this occurs the affiliates will be duly informed and notified by email. The affiliate will choose on the platform in his private area how he prefers to receive the commissions (bank transfer, PayPal or others by contacting support). The payment of the commissions will be made when the affiliate has generated a minimum balance of 100 euros (one hundred euros). Payment will be made once the partner has paid the commission to AFFILIABET and the affiliate has requested it. Once the affiliate has attached the corresponding invoice issued by the platform it will be paid within 30 days of the following month.


For the resolution of any doubt or technical incident of the platform any user/affiliate can use info@affiliabet.com. For any legal issue, please contact us at info@affiliabet.com. On the main page www.affiliabet.com users/affiliates can contact us by the indicated methods.

For the incidences of the contribution of players/end users to specific campaigns, the affiliate must send the following data to info@affiliabet.com:

      • Registered username on the AFFILIABET platform.
      • Usernames of the players for whom you want to make any consultation.
      • Bookmaker, online casino or financial platform.
      • Further information such as date of registration, deposit and minimum bet made.
      • Any other material that might help in the investigations such as screen shots or any other material that might help in the resolution of the incident if it is required by the brand/advertiser/operator.



The affiliation platform www.affiliabet.com uses cookies to improve the user’s experience, so we kindly ask you to accept the use of them as specified when you enter the website. To read the cookie policy please visit the page on our AFFILIABET website.


You as an affiliate of AFFILIABET can request the closure of your account at any time.  You simply need to send an email to info@affiliabet.com and it will be considered as a written notice to proceed with your closure.

You will be responsible for removing all marketing tools that may connect AFFILIABET to your website if any.

All transmission license rights that were assigned to you by our partners/brands/advertisers/operators, will be immediately terminated.

Your players will be able to continue playing once your account has been closed, but no commissions will be paid once your account has been closed.


As an affiliate of AFFILIABET you are granted a non-exclusive, limited and revocable right for commercial use of banners, text links, mailings and content provided by our partners. These will remain the exclusive property of our partners. You are not allowed to modify the banners, content or any of the images provided by our partners.

If you are the holder of one or more affiliate accounts that generate income with AFFILIABET, and you want to sell it/them to a third party, you must inform us by email and provide the information we request. Why? Because we need to make sure that the new account holder will continue with the same type of traffic that was initially negotiated. Also, depending on the type of affiliates the new holder is (individual or company) the conditions and agreements of their account could be modified.

AFFILIABET reserves the right, unilaterally, to maintain or not the exclusive agreements once the ownership has changed.


No party shall be liable for any failure or delayed action under this agreement caused by an event of force majeure.

Force majeure is defined as an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties that prevents one or both parties from performing part or all of their obligations under this contract or in such a way that may affect the performance of the actions so that it is excessively onerous or difficult to perform.

As such are considered: natural disasters, wars, political changes, strikes, the act of a public authority, including the annulment of laws or regulations to operate games of chance or the creation of taxes.

We agreed that force majeure will only result in the suspension of this agreement, during the time that this extraordinary event takes place. The party using force majeure as an excuse to terminate the agreement will have to inform the other party.



No party shall be liable for any indirect loss suffered by the other party.

Neither party shall be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, or in connection with this Terms and Conditions Agreement, including, without limitation, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of customers, loss or corruption of data.

AFFILIABET will not be responsible for not being able to identify a new subscriber or user of the affiliated site.

The total liability of AFFILIABET under this Agreement shall in no event exceed the amount of fees paid by AFFILIABET during the six month period from the date the disaster occurred or due to compensation arising.

AFFILIABET expressly states that the advertising of bets and games offered on the affiliate platform or the purchase of games and bets is subject to legal restrictions in some countries and possibly even prohibited.

In that event, the affiliate partner accepts that he/she does not have the right to publish AFFILIABET advertising material on the website. In this case, the affiliate partner is also prohibited from participating in the affiliate program and registering for this business through AFFILIABET.

Affiliabet S.L.

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