ACB League predictions 2021/22, who are the favourites?

Pronosticos liga ACB

When we refer to the concept of sports betting, it is always common to relate it to soccer, horse riding and other sports that have always had a greater impact on this market. However, and progressively, there have been many disciplines that have attracted growing attention in this type of aspect. This is the case of basketball, which in recent years has seen great growth in our country. It is common for some of the teams that compete in the ACB basketball league to end up playing European competitions until their final phases, as is the case of Final 4. A demonstration of the good form in which this sport is in our country .

In this article we are going to show you which are the ACB forecasts that you should know. To do this, it is important to bear in mind that in basketball it is much more common to have a surprise factor that we do not have in other sports, such as football. So it is important to take into account the scenario in which we find ourselves at the time of making the desired bets.

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This 2022, the ACB League lives what will be its 65th edition. A career that has allowed it to consolidate itself as one of the best leagues in the world, with a great career behind it. As with other sports, the format of the competition has been changing and adapting to the needs and context in which we find ourselves. Therefore, since 1983, all teams face each other twice. One as visitors and one as locals. A very important aspect to get your ACB predictions right.

Once the regular league concludes, the first eight classified teams play a playoff in which the champion is determined. Through a draw, the first four in the classification face the second four through a draw. As it is a three-game tie, the top seeds have a certain advantage, since they play twice at home, while the rival only once.

The level of the ACB has been increasing steadily in recent years. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see players who a few months ago were playing games in the NBA and who are currently in some of the best teams in our leagues. For this reason, there are more and more followers that our domestic competition has.

If we have to stick to historical events in order to have a better perspective on the different teams that make up the ACB, we must bear in mind that Real Madrid has been the team that has won this title the most times. Proclaiming himself as champion 35 times. In second place, far behind him, is FC Barcelona, ​​which brings together up to 19 titles in its showcases.

When do the most important events take place?

There are two events that we should all be aware of when carrying out our sports betting strategy. Since they completely change the course of the competition at the moment of detecting the different ACB forecasts that exist:

Copa del Rey: The Copa del Rey is one of the most sought-after titles in the ACB League. For this, it is important that we know that the ACB suffers a break between the eight best teams in the classification at that time from February 17 to 20. Ensuring at all times the coverage of the needs of the spectators, since it is one of the biggest shows that we are going to be able to attend.
Play Off: As we have previously mentioned, the Play Offs are another of the most important events. In this season, this celebration occurs between May 17 and June 26. In these months, all the teams begin to play their qualifiers in search of obtaining the title.

encuentro ACB

Who are the favorites for the 2021 / 2022 ACB League?

As we have previously mentioned, there are many teams that compete in the ACB League on a daily basis. Therefore, making an ACB forecast with all the favorites out there can be particularly complex.

Given the circumstances in which we find ourselves, we have selected four teams that, due to their size and budget, are called to become the champions of the league.


FC Barcelona is one of the greatest exponents of the title. Despite the fact that a few years ago Madrid’s dominance was such that there was no possibility of considering any other candidate as a favourite, the reality is that the arrival of coach Sarunas Jasikevicius was all that was necessary to define the turning point that we find ourselves with nowadays.

In just two years, FC Barcelona has gone from not playing any final to playing for the Final 4 of the Euroleague and for the ACB year after year. Being one of the most powerful teams that we can find today. In addition, the arrival of certain players, such as Mirotic or Abrines, were just two of the many ingredients that accompanied the coach in his search for a new title with which to conquer his showcases.

Currently, FC Barcelona has become one of the best options that exist in the ACB League if we are really looking for a candidate to bet our money on. We find a lot of explanations that help us understand the current situation in which they find themselves. However, its ability to offer an effective and very powerful game is two of the main ingredients. It remains to be seen the development of the remainder of the season to know the final forecast.


Pablo Laso has turned Real Madrid into one of the most regular teams in the entire ACB. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most feared teams by all its rivals. Its squad is very balanced: bringing together in the same squad names of the stature of Rudy or Llull, historical figures of our sport, with others much younger and eager to demonstrate their ability to lead not only the Spanish market, but also Europe. .

Real Madrid is demonstrating throughout the league not only its ability to win any game and put its power before any rival. But also the good exercise carried out to be able to carry out all of its actions even when it is time to come back. Having lifted some games, like the one played against CSKA, which would have been a defeat for any other team.

Real Madrid has established itself as one of the references in world basketball. For this ACB League, he will surely reach the end of the season in the excellent form to which he has already accustomed us.


Along with the previous two, it is Baskonia’s turn. One of the historical teams of the ACB that must always be taken into account. It was in the 2019 season that he last won the title. And, since then, it has always been located in one of the favorites.

We found a lot of reasons why we could define him as a champion. However, it’s in his ability to imprint excellent character and a plethora of attacking options, two of the elements he’s currently going head-to-head with any kit.


Finally, and how could it be otherwise, it’s time to talk about Valencia Basket. One of the teams that are always present in the playoffs and that, despite the fact that due to budget they cannot fight against some of the big names in the ACB league, the reality is that they always have to be present in all the ACB predictions because of the let us decide

How can we bet on the 2022 ACB League? Elements to consider

Analyze their participation in other leagues: We should not only look at the ACB matches when we want to analyze the trajectory of these teams. The matches they have played in other competitions, such as the European ones, must also be present. Since they can influence the mood of the players.
The rotations: We are in a country where many games are played in domestic and European leagues. It is common for the greats of our league to have very large squads that rotate. These rotations can affect the future of the matches.
Injuries: Finally, it is also important that we spend a few minutes finding out how the players of each team are doing. In basketball, injuries can cause a significant change in the trend in the way teams play. Even more so in a context like the current one, given the presence of COVID 19.

As we have been able to verify, there are many elements that we have to take into account in order to go through the predictions of the ACB league that exist in the market. As it is a sporting event with circumstances that are very different from the rest that we can take into account, it is necessary that we control a large number of variables that can intervene in the final result.

Following our advice, and paying attention to the different days that are happening in our country, we will be able to obtain a greater amount of information in order to obtain the best possible result regarding our bets. Do not hesitate, let yourself be guided by all our possibilities and make the most of them. At Affiliabet we are already waiting for you, what are you waiting for to get in touch with us?

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