10 tricks to make money with sports betting

trucos para ganar dinero con las apuestas deportivas

Knowing all the tricks that exist around the possibilities to earn money with sports betting is one of the great curiosities that all, to a greater or lesser extent, have had at some point. In recent years, many players have been interested in the possibilities that exist around affiliate marketing and its ability to generate […]

What is a pre-match bet?

apuesta pre partido

Are you interested in knowing what are the different options in terms of bets that exist in the market? As you know, there are many alternatives that currently exist in the market with the aim of being able to offer you great profitability as far as affiliate marketing is concerned. At Affiliabet we are the […]

Tips and picks for soccer predictions

Consejos y picks de pronósticos deportivos

How many times have you wanted to know the advice of the experts and some of the picks of the soccer predictions that we can carry out? Since affiliate marketing presented the growth that it currently has, more and more people are interested in knowing the possibilities that arise from the different markets that currently […]

What is the CPA? Meaning

Que es el CPA

The Internet has become one of the spaces where making money has established itself as one of the actions that a greater number of people opt for. In recent years, and as a result of the economic and social context in which we find ourselves, passive income has been consolidated as one of the objectives […]

What is a Sports Betting Tipster

Que es un tipster

That the field of sports betting has been one of the fastest growing sectors in recent years is no secret to anyone. Progressively, more and more stakeholders are joining this trend as an entertainment formula that, in addition, allows in certain scenarios to obtain extra income. Within this sector there are many professionals who exist […]

Types of sports bets with which to increase your income in Affiliabet

Tipos de apuestas deportivas para mejorar tus ingresos

If you are just starting out in Affiliabet affiliate marketing, you may have some questions about the betting world and the types of bets that exist. With this guide you will learn everything about the most common bets: According to the number of bets: * Simple bets: the most basic; ideal to get started in […]