Avoid fraudulent traffic in your affiliate campaigns with these tips

Evista el tráfico fraudulento

We keep telling you that the most important thing to be successful in affiliate marketing is the traffic you refer to advertisers, but not all traffic is valid. In gambling affiliation, we are seeing more and more fraudulent and incentivised traffic.

It is clear that of the 100% of visits that come to your channel, only a percentage (usually low) will be effective traffic referred to the advertisers of your affiliate campaigns. Because of the total number of visitors to your website or social networks, there will be:

  • Those who have entered by mistake and will leave your channel before converting.
  • Others who, even though they are interested in your content, the only interaction they will make with your content will be a click on a banner, but they will not register on the advertisers’ websites.
  • Players who will be interested in your content, will click on your promotional banners and will enter your advertisers’ websites, becoming valid referral traffic.

We recommend that you avoid any of these ways of generating fraudulent traffic

In an affiliate network, it is considered fraud when the publisher tries to imitate the activity of users through technical tricks. The advertiser registers the referred traffic and passes on the incentive to the publisher, but the referred user is not valid as he is not a real buyer.

Another fraudulent practice to attract traffic is to pay a reward to the referred users. The advertiser will receive visits, but they will be users who are not interested in the advertiser’s products or services and therefore not valid.

You cannot misrepresent your channels or claim to be a representative of the advertiser when you are not. You may not copy the advertiser’s website as this will have a negative impact on the advertiser’s reputation.

And of course you may not replace another publisher ‘s cookies with your own. By doing this, you would be the one who would receive the commissions for the traffic that the other publisher is generating. And obviously, this is a dishonest practice.

What affiliate marketing promotes is honest practices that generate organic traffic. That is the main goal of advertisers who launch their campaigns through affiliate networks: to get traffic from people who are interested in their products or services, who generate sales and who come back to buy more and even recommend them to their contacts.

For affiliate marketing advertisers, organic traffic is important because:

They are customers who are interested in your content. This is especially important when you are selling a product that is not sold out in a single purchase, but is intended to lead to multiple purchases. This is what happens with sports betting; ideally the player should deposit two, three, four and more times.

They are not influenced by any stimulus or reward. Sales are generated spontaneously and, if they are convinced by the product or service, they will repeat and recommend it to other potential customers. Very important for bookmakers to achieve second and subsequent deposits.

With organic traffic you also win. In sports betting, the “average lifetime” of a player is about 2 years. So if you generate valid organic traffic, you will be referring a customer who will give you commissions during that time. However, if you refer fraudulent traffic, in addition to malpractice, you will not earn income in the long run.

Affiliate marketing is a “win-win” business model; working fairly and honestly, it generates benefits for all parties involved.

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