Champions League predictions: who will win?

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The Champions League is, now, a matter of two. This is one of the most anticipated matches in the world. And it is that, when we approach the previous days of the city, you begin to notice the tension and the desire that each of the groups have to be able to walk away with one of the trophies that have been in the greatest number of months. It will be next May 28 in Paris, when Real Madrid and Liverpool will fight side by side to get one more orejona in their windows. How could it be otherwise, it is one of those titles that leave no one indifferent. And it is that there are more and more teams that configure the staff of their teams in the medium term, having this objective as one of the main ones.

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This is the key question that we will surely have to face repeatedly over the next few days: who is going to win the Champions League? We are faced with one of the questions that best responds to this entire scenario. However, responding is not as simple as it might initially be. We are facing one of the questions that all those interested in betting in some of the betting centers that can be found on our website are currently asking themselves. The first thing we must bear in mind is that, as is traditional, the Champions League final is played in a single match. And, as such, anything can happen when teams of the stature of Real Madrid and Liverpool meet in this type of scenario.

On the other hand, it should be known that it will be the third time that both teams have faced each other in a Champions League match in its final phase. The previous ones were in 1981 and, more recently, in 2017. In the first of them it was the English team that won in 1981. In the second, the whites won 3 – 1, with a very controversial move by Sergio Ramos and Liverpool’s star striker, who has already mentioned his desire to win the game, Mohammed Salah. Therefore, this will be the perfect opportunity to break the balance between both teams. The English and Spanish teams reach the final in excellent form. Demonstrating how to get a good performance in all these types of scenarios is the best thing that can happen when it comes to being able to get the long-awaited orejona.


That Liverpool is one of the candidates to win the trophy from the first game of the Champions League is no secret to anyone. Progressively, the group led by Klopp has become one of the most fit groups of the moment. It is one of the teams that has managed to define a very defined style of play that helps us squeeze all the options we have when we want to bet in their favor. Since it is considered one of the most important sets in the world. Klopp’s men had to defeat Inter Milan in the round of 16 by 2-1, in addition to also beating Benfica. In both cases, with a solid demonstration of the good game they treasure.

In the semifinals, they had the hard mission of having to face Villarreal. One of the great surprises of the competition that has ended up verifying the good performance of the German coach’s team. Rising as winners after having reached an aggregate result of 5-2.

In the case of Liverpool, we find ourselves with a team that continues to climb positions among the favorites to be able to reach the lead and win the trophy. If they end up winning, we would find ourselves facing a team that will end up winning the Champions League for the seventh time. During the last third of the season, the arrival of Konaté and the recovery of Matip have been two of the main signs of identity that this team has had. Managing to position itself as one of the best options that we can currently find in the market.

Depending on the bookmaker we choose, most of the odds are around two euros. A figure much lower than that found in the case of Madrid, demonstrating its role as a seller.

El Real Madrid

Real Madrid is facing its favorite competition. The Spanish team always has in the Champions League the competition that it embraces with greater force. Having achieved great hegemony in recent years. The good performance that the white team always shows until the last second In the round of 16, the team led by Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti faced PSG. Going back three goals in the last 15 minutes and showing how the Parisian team is still not up to the Spanish. In the quarterfinals, Chelsea was the match chosen to touch the epic again. After tying the tie in the final minutes, they ended up winning in extra time with a 5 – 4 aggregate capable of revealing the embarrassments of the English team. And demonstrating, once again, the level that the team from the Spanish capital has.

However, if we have to highlight a victory that will surely remain for the longings of history, it is the one that we had to watch on television against Manchester City. In this case, Real Madrid had to score two goals in added time to, as had happened in previous games, win the game in extra time despite Pep Guardiola’s astonishment. Ending up reaching the Olympus of comebacks and making the most of all the options that exist when it comes to winning the Champions League title.

The good level of players like Nacho, Militao, Lucas Vázquez or Mendy end up becoming fundamental pieces in the entire Madrid team. Converted into some of the reasons why the team from the city of Madrid is currently considered one of the titles to establish its hegemony in this competition.

Some betting tips for the Champions League final

One of the main bets you can opt for is the winner of the Champions League. It is about the bet that can benefit us with a greater amount of money based on the needs we have according to the existing situation. Although it is true that initially Liverpool has a better team, the reality is that you can never leave Real Madrid aside in a competition with characteristics such as those we can see today.
Another of the most relevant bets refers to the possibility that both score. In this scenario, we must go back to the year 2017 to know the possibilities of this actually taking place. And it is that in the last final carried out by the two teams, we found ourselves with a situation in which the final ended up deciding 3 – 1 in favor of Madrid, but with both teams scoring.
More or less goals: This is another of the bets that can help us obtain a better return. In the last two Champions League finals there were less than 2.5 goals. Being an important proof of the future to which we are heading in this scenario.

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