Codere Spain and its affiliate campaigns

Presentation of Codere Spain

Codere Spain Affiliate Campaigns

Are you thinking of getting started in affiliate marketing and knowing all the options that exist to squeeze the most out of your investment possibilities? As you know, this is one of the markets that has presented an excellent performance during the last few years. There are many explanations that help us to understand the notoriety of this aspect of marketing today: the large number of options it presents in terms of profitability, the large number of existing platforms and the growing interest makes it one of the markets currently capable of attracting greater attention.

Given this scenario, it is important that we know in depth which are the main casinos and gambling halls that you can find in Affiliabet, since we are the number 1 manager of sports betting and poker in Spain. If you are thinking of getting started in affiliate marketing, below we tell you everything you need to know about one of the brands that you can find on our website and that will allow you to squeeze all the options you have. It is Codere España and, with the passage of time, it has quickly become one of the leading firms.

What is Codere España?

Codere España is a multinational group dedicated to entertainment and leisure. It is currently one of the leading groups in its category. In addition, during the last few years it has carried out a wide variety of tasks in terms of expansion. Increasing its presence in a large number of countries around the world. Despite the fact that it started its activity in 1980, it is currently considered one of the best bookmakers that we can find in the current environment.

From the moment of its appearance, it has widely diversified its activity within the gaming industry. It has become one of the leading companies in the entertainment sector. Currently, Codere boasts of carrying out different tasks in terms of specialization and differentiation that allow it to limit its activity with the rest of the companies with which it shares its sector.

Among them, it is the only company listed in its sector in Spain. It is also the industry leader in Latin America. It is one of the main operators of AWP machines and face-to-face sports betting in Spain.

Codere España’s values

Among the different values that Codere has, we find some of them that are responsible for making Codere one of the leading brands in the sector. These are the following:

  • It maintains a vision that places the customer at the center of the entire proposal. Therefore, the experience that emerges is one of the main determining elements.
  • Integrity and transparency are latent from the first visit to your website. Making the most of its advantages.
  • It allows you to focus on efficiency. As a result, the playability is particularly remarkable.

As we have seen, it is no coincidence that Codere has become one of the major brands in the online gaming sector. The wide variety of options in its catalog makes Codere one of the best formulas to choose when we want to make the most of the possibilities that affiliate marketing offers.


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