Differences between Masters 1000 and Grand Slam

Diferencias entre Masters 1000 y Grand Slam

In the field of tennis, there are a large number of tournaments that tennis players attend in order to improve their ATP ranking and win the prestigious number 1 of the entire circuit. Among all of them, there are some that are more prestigious than others. It is important to define the calendar correctly in order to arrive in good shape and score as many points as possible against the rest of your peers. One of the most common doubts that arise refers to the differences between the Masters 1000, one of the types of tournament that we tend to listen to most on television, and the Grand Slam. In the case of the latter, we are referring to the most prestigious tournaments that exist in the market and the ones that a greater number of tennis players aspire to win.

In this article, Affiliabet Affiliate Marketing tells you everything you need to know between the Masters 1000 and the Grand Slam. Below, as the number 1 sports betting manager, we show you the definition of each of these tournaments and the main limitations they have. Do you want to know what the exact reasons are that have led them to win such prestigious tournaments? Do you want to know what the differences are between a Masters 1000 and a Grand Slam? Then read on. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

There are nine Masters 1000 events throughout the season. Six of them are on hard court. One of them is indoors and three are on clay. If we have to highlight a tennis player who has won a large number of these tournaments, it is Rafa Nadal, having won a total of 27 in this category. He has won 18 of them on clay, his great speciality.

If we focus on its origin, we have to go back to 1990. It was at this point that the ATP took over the role of commanding this organisation of both men’s and women’s tournaments. And its day was the responsibility to select the nine most prestigious tournaments, after the Grand Slams, in order to provide them with a special label that will be attractive to all tourists who want to attend this type of event to improve their position in the rankings. While it is true that over the last few years we have seen different changes in the nomenclature of this league, the reality is that we are essentially dealing with the same scenario that we have been working with for the last few years.

Tournaments are played between matches throughout the year. In the month of March we have the cement season. While on clay we have to wait until April and May. In addition to two in the final stretch of the season, as is the case of Shanghai and Paris.

The nomenclature of the name of the particular tournament is no coincidence. In this case, the following ATP ranking points are awarded: 1000 points for the winner, 600 for the runner-up, 180 in the quarter-finals, 90 in the round of 16, 45 in the round of 23, 25 in the round of 64 and 10 in the round of 128.

Masters 1000

Who are the most prominent players on this circuit?

As mentioned above, Spaniard Rafa Nadal is one of the protagonists of this tour. Over the last five years, 47 of the 54 tournaments that have been played in this league have been won by Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Murray. Undoubtedly, a good demonstration of how tennis is looking towards the position of hegemony that these four players are achieving worldwide. While it is true that in some cases we find professionals who are already beyond the age range usually settled at the top of the category, the reality is that the fantastic four continue to be a true example in terms of personal and professional improvement.

In Nadal’s case, he is not only the tennis player who has won the most Masters 1000 titles. He also has the record of having won the most titles at one of them, such as Monte Carlo, with eight crowns. In addition, he ended up playing in a total of 40 finals, a barbarity if we compare him with the rest of his competitors. He is also the tennis player who has won at least one tournament of these characteristics in the most consecutive years.

If we focus on the countries, both Spain and the United States are the two countries with the most titles in this category, with a total of 46. With a total of 46. In recent years, both scenarios have served to have a large number of tennis players come to these tournaments to demonstrate their ability to be able to lead the ranking mentioned above. However, the reality remains that the four aforementioned players still have a long way to go to break all the records they currently hold between them.

What is a Grand Slam?

The tournaments that belong to the Grand Slam category have a duration of two weeks and are played in singles, women’s and men’s categories. If we focus on the doubles category, we also find women’s, men’s and mixed matches. In addition, it is also important to know that it is played in the youth category, so it acts as an important repository to ensure the coverage of the needs that the youngest players have in terms of projection.

In this case, we have a league that starts in mid-January with the Australian Open, in Melbourne, where Novak Djokovic has been the absolute winner, winning the title in all the stages he has enjoyed.

After this, we find the French Open, known as Roland Garros is one of the most emblematic tracks of the entire circuit. It is named in honour of Roland Garros, a pioneer of French vision and a pilot during the First World War. It is played from the end of May to the beginning of June. Here, one of the star names on the court is Rafael Nadal. With a large number of titles behind him.

In the month of June the prestigious Wimbledon starts on grass court. It is one of the most famous and traditional tournaments on the circuit. It takes place very close to the city of London. Among the different Reycos it boasts, it has hosted the longest match in the world, with a total of 11 hours and five minutes played over three days in the 2019 edition.

Lastly, we come to the US Open. In this case, it is played between the last week of August and the first weeks of September. This tournament has a total of 600 participants in all the categories in which it takes place. During the 2021 edition, a total of 57.5 million dollars in prize money will be distributed. A good demonstration of the important impact that this tournament can have worldwide.

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What are the differences between the two tournaments?

Once we have identified which are the most important elements of both types of tournaments, it is time to know in depth what are the differences that we find at the time of buying both.

While it is true that among all tennis lovers it is very clear what are the main differentiating elements around the tournaments, the reality is quite different. There are hardly any notable differences between a Grand Slam and a Masters 1000. The big difference between both types of tournaments is that while in the Grand Slam men’s matches are played in five sets, having to win three of them to win the match, in the Masters 1000 they are played in three-set matches. Therefore, we only have to win two sets to advance to the next round.

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