How to earn money with Affiliabet affiliate campaigns?

Aumenta tus ingresos con nuestras campañas de afiliación

Affiliate marketing is booming; It is an online business model that is giving a lot of profitability to those who bet on it and by carrying out affiliate campaigns.

It is a good way to take advantage of your website traffic and your followers on social networks to monetize your efforts.

What is affiliate marketing?
It is a widely used online marketing formula due to its ease and high profitability.

Advertiser brands are looking for new channels to promote their campaigns to get more customers; and they find them in affiliates, people like you who have online channels with regular traffic and who want to monetize their efforts to attract so many followers. The affiliates just have to incorporate the advertisers’ campaigns on their website and social networks, get registrations and expect a financial refund in exchange for each new client.

And halfway between advertisers and affiliates, we are affiliate platforms, such as Affiliabet; We play the role of intermediaries between both parties to further facilitate work and increase profitability.

Advantages of conducting affiliate campaigns.

You can take affiliate marketing as extra income or as your main income; it all depends on the time and effort you put into it.

And precisely your freedom is the main advantage of this type of promotion.

At Affiliabet we give you the freedom you need.

Whether you are thinking of affiliate marketing as a complement to your current job; as if you want it to be your main job, you will be the one to choose your level of involvement. It is about your time, your website, your blog, your social networks and therefore you decide how you manage it.

With affiliate marketing, you have a source of passive income in which you will not have to do anything new or be aware of the results.

Continue uploading content to your channels and add the campaigns of our advertisers; For every new registration you get for them, you will get commissions.

Share our affiliate campaigns with your followers and wait for the financial results to arrive.

With Affiliabet, affiliate marketing is easier.

Affiliabet is an affiliate campaign manager that offers you a digital platform where you will have your personalized space, from which to manage your campaigns and your commissions.

Monetizing your website and social network traffic through Affiliabet is as simple as:

> You register on our website and enter your exclusive campaign management platform where you can choose which campaign you want to start with.


> You have customer affiliation campaigns at your disposal such as sports betting houses, poker, casino, bingo, forex, binary operations, finance and much more. For both the Spanish and Latin American markets (LATAM) (when we make the post about LATAM, we will have to link this word).


> By selecting a campaign you get a unique link that you will share on your channels to invite your followers and you just have to wait for the commissions to arrive.


You do not have to negotiate with brands or create any tools or worry about payments; you have everything ready at

In addition, both the commissions and the metrics of your campaigns are updated daily and you will have direct access to an affiliate manager for all your questions and queries.

Make your website, your blog or your social networks profitable from the hand of the number 1 manager in affiliate campaigns for sports betting, online gaming and FOREX.

Join the Affiliabet team and work with the freedom you’ve always wanted.


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