Types of sports bets with which to increase your income in Affiliabet

If you are just starting out in Affiliabet affiliate marketing, you may have some questions about the betting world and the types of bets that exist. With this guide you will learn everything about the most common bets:

According to the number of bets:

* Simple bets: the most basic; ideal to get started in the world of sports betting and learn how it works. They are bets on a specific action, such as Real Madrid winning the next game against Valencia. In this type of bets you only have one chance: if the result is that your team wins, then you will get paid; but if it is Valencia who wins, you will have lost your money. So, to have the best chance of success, the ideal is that you have all the information of the game in question and do not play blind.

* Combination bets: in this case the bet refers to two or more actions; Following the previous example, Real Madrid would have to win and Ramos score a goal for you to get your benefits. In this case, the chances of hitting are lower and therefore the prizes are higher. The key is to find the middle ground between risk and profit.

* Custom Bets: you can design your own bet and therefore you are free to choose the conditions you want, on the same match. This type of bets is new and you may not find it available in all bookmakers.

According to the sport:

All sports are likely to be included in the bookmakers; but each one has a different type of bet. As a general rule, sports betting depends on the specific rules of each game.

* Soccer:

  • Winner of the match: it is the typical and simple 1×2 bet; bets for the victory of a team or the draw. With this, you cover 33% of options.
  • Double chance: similar to the previous one but allows you to choose two results, with which we could cover 66% of probabilities (1 + X, X + 2 or 1 + 2).
  • No tie bet: You choose which team will win without having the option to choose a tie. So you cover 50% of the chances.
  • Handicap bets: Goals are subtracted from the favorite team and goals are added to the other. The European handicap does not eliminate the possibility of a tie, so you can bet taking into account the handicap indicated by the bookmaker. It is used to balance very unbalanced matches, with a clear favorite, and thus improve the odds or correct the risk associated with one of the rivals.
  • Over / under: you put into play your ability to hit the goals that will be in the game. You bet that there will be more or less goals of a certain number (usually 2.5). This type of betting is also usually used for statistics (corner, fouls, cards, offside, possession, etc.).
  • Goalscorer: You bet that a given player will score a goal during the match. You can also find more specific versions such as 1st scorer, last scorer, will score a hat-trick, etc.

    * Basketball:

  • Handicap betting: a number of points are added or subtracted from the result of one of the two teams at the end of the match.
  • Match Winner: simple bet where you say which team will win. If there is a possibility of a tie, betting on X is allowed.
  • Total points: the bookmaker sets a line of points and you bet whether or not that total of points is exceeded. If the match stays at that exact figure, the bet is void.

    * Tennis:

  • Match Winner: You bet on who you think will win the match. In case of abandonment, each bookmaker has a protocol.
  • Handicap sets: you bet the difference in sets that will be between the two players. It is an exact result bet.
  • Total games: the bookmaker marks a line of the total games that will be during the match and you bet on whether or not that will be exceeded.

    * Motorcycles, Formula 1, cycling or horses:

  • Win / Place Bets: This is a double bet. One part goes to our team winning and the other to occupying a position – usually among the first three – for a fraction of the winning quota.
  • Duels: when two of the participants in the race compete with each other and we bet that one of them will cross the finish line before his rival.

    According to the balance used

A bet always implies a certain amount of money. But you have to differentiate between the real money of your deposits in the bookmaker and your winnings; and money from bonuses or promotions.

* Real balance: the vast majority of bets made are with real balance; If you win, you take your bet and the winnings (playing € 1 at 2.0 odds, you will have won € 2). They are the bets that are calculated to release bonuses or participate in promotions (provided that all the requirements set by the bookmaker are met).

* Freebets: it is money from welcome bonuses, promotions or free bets with which we can place bets but if we win, we only get the net winnings since we cannot have the bonus money (betting a freebet of € 1 at 2.0 odds, we get € 1 if we win). They are excluded from promotions and do not count towards rollover.

According to the resolution period

* In the short term: they are resolved in a short period of time. For example, when you bet on a specific soccer match or motorcycle race.

* Long-term: they take place around a tournament or competition; normally you bet on a winner (league champion, Tour de France, US Open, etc).

Now that you know all the types of sports betting in depth, launch your affiliate campaigns on your channels and start collecting commissions from the first moment. Become an affiliate of Affiliabet, (register here) the number one manager in sports betting, online gaming, poker, finance and Forex.


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