What is All In in betting and poker?

Que es all in en apuestas y poker

How many times have you heard the term All In in gambling and poker? Frequently, it is one of the expressions that receives the greatest prominence in any scenario, being the prelude to a magical bet with which its owner hopes to obtain a great return. At the moment in which any player who is present in a game hears this term, it is usual that all the attention is focused on the person on whom he is executing the move. However, and despite the fact that it seems that it is a term that is well known by all players, the reality is that it is not like that.

There is a lot of doubts about it even from the most experienced players. The explanation is found in that it is one of the riskiest plays that exist within the poker sector and, in general, betting. For this reason it is important that we be attentive to the moment in which a player close to us allows us to carry out these types of options.

In addition to everything mentioned above, it is good to know that if you wonder what all-in is, it is likely that you are not a particularly experienced player. For this reason we must take into account all the elements that can make our move a success or, on the contrary, become a failure. And thus, I ended up ruining the rest of our game.

As you know, at Affiliabet we have extensive experience in everything related to the gaming sector and affiliate marketing. Being the number 1 affiliate marketing platform that we can currently find on the web. Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer you all the information you need in terms of the use of technical words. For this reason, below we will tell you what an All In is in sports betting and poker and how you can manage it in the best possible way.

Before starting to explain when it is a good idea to carry out an All In strategy from when not, it is important that we know what the exact origin of these types of plays is. In general terms, it is convenient to understand what were the first rules that existed around poker at the time of carrying out this type of games. Before an all-in was allowed, players meeting under the same table stopped playing the moment someone bet more money than they did. The only chance was to be able to call the bet. Whether it was through physical money or through the different valuables that could be had at that time. As is the case with watches, for example.

In the early days of poker it was possible to bet on any type of product. Regardless of the nature of it. Therefore, it was common for the players with the greatest assets to be those who had the greatest number of options to carry out the development of all their games with the greatest probability of success. However, the reality is that this modality could have significant problems in the future. Especially as poker began to rival the great games of the day. And a large number of people were interested in being able to start taking their first steps in this tool.

At this point, the main casinos in the world inaugurated the possibility of carrying out an all-in in poker. That is, to bet everything we have to, depending on the scenario in which we find ourselves, to be able to make our rival bet a greater amount of money and we, if our bet is not true, not lose anything. Balancing the scales even more. Once we have known the history, the next step is to understand when it is advisable to perform this type of movement and when, by its nature, it is not appropriate. We will explain it to you below in the following sections. Remember that in Affiliabet you can always find different games and the main casino brands that exist in our country. Ensuring at all times the coverage of the needs that our players have in order to offer them the opportunity they need to make the most of all their movements.

Cuando hacer all in

When is a good time to push all in?

We can find a large number of scenarios in which the all-in is one of the best options for which we can opt. Either because we have a good spread of cards or because we simply want to bluff. It will always depend on our strategy to find the best moment to be able to carry out our print run. At this point, it should be noted that poker is not a game that is 100% squared. So at certain times we have to be quick to adjust to the context that surrounds us. In this way, and despite what we are going to explain below, it is important that we are always assessing what the characteristics of our environment are in order to carry out our print runs.

In the case of All In, these are the best scenarios to carry out this strategy:

One of the most recommended moments to start with this type of movement is when there are few chips left in the game. So it is common for us to try to find new options that allow us to meet all our needs in order to advance the pace of the game. In the case in which we have made a bad move or we find ourselves in an unpleasant situation, and there are few chips left to play, it is likely that we are in a situation in which we feel that we are more out than in the game. In this situation, if you have the perception that with the remaining chips you will not be able to beat the current hand, the best way to act is to make an All In and wait for nobody to match it. In this way, you will always have the opportunity to win even when your chips do not give for it, but the rest of the players in the game believe that you have a much better hand than it is in reality. So you should take maximum precautions and be able to increase the confidence they have in you.

In those situations in which we find ourselves in a situation baptized as commited, it is also another of the scenarios in which performing an All In can become the best option we can opt for. Unlike what happens in the previous case, in this case it occurs when the amount of money that we have bet is so high that it is even higher than the profitability that it can offer us. So it is not profitable to continue investing and die in it. In this case, an all-in is more than enough to be able to squeeze all the benefits that we can enjoy from this type of play. This situation is dangerous and carries its risks, so it is important to do it only at those times when we really think that doing an all-in can be key to achieving maximum profitability within the environment in which we find ourselves. But, before doing so, we must thoroughly analyze the scenario in which we find ourselves. Being a key element of adaptation to the environment.

When should we not all in?

Most of the information that a normal player has about all-ins is what he can see through the movies and series that deal with this whole question. However, and as we have seen throughout this article, there are different elements that we have to take into account throughout this situation.

Below we will tell you what are those situations in which an All In is one of the worst decisions that we can opt for and, together, they will end up ruining our game:

If we have a good hand: In the event that we have a hand that is impossible to call, such as a full house or a three of a kind on the flop, we will be making a major mistake when we can carry out everything related to an all in. In these cases, and as surely you have been able to listen on more than one occasion, we must show weakness. This way, the rest of the players in the game will continue to place their bets as normal, and ultimately we can win the game with a higher pot. In this scenario, the only thing we must avoid is that the game accelerates more than necessary and ends up finishing before the account. Your opponent’s opportunity cost can be especially high. We must go calmly and carry out normal actions that do not show the importance of the hand we have. Being one of the best investments for which we are going to be able to opt.

In the case that we go with a good hand preflop or, or what is the same, an AA, KK or AK, these are hands that require another type of strategy and greater expertise. Since we have laid the foundations to be able to carry out a strategy that allows us to achieve the best result. It is important that we assume patience as one of the best formulas by which we are going to be able to opt in order to be able to express all the needs that we have.


As we have seen, there are many scenarios that will determine the future of our game. Being clear about what all in is and how it can help us manage everything that is necessary with our business is essential. Do not hesitate, at Affiliabet we are the number 1 manager of sports bets. Our experience allows us to be able to enjoy the best possible result in order to be able to offer our clients a scenario that allows them to cover all their needs.

What are you waiting for to register and start making money with our affiliate marketing strategies? Follow our advice and show everything you know about a game as attractive as poker. The perfect opportunity to have fun learning with the best.

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