What is handicap in betting?

Qué es el Handicap

In the field of sports and betting, there are many elements that exist in our day-to-day life and that can decisively condition the results obtained. In the case of the betting handicap, the reality is that we are facing one of the methodologies that has achieved the greatest growth in recent years. The explanation is found in the wide variety of scenarios that allows us to bet. Offering a wide variety of options that helps us cover all the needs we have in terms of profitability. However, despite its growth, there are still many users who do not know exactly what this term refers to.

At Affiliabet, as you know, we are the number 1 manager in sports betting. Do not miss the opportunity to rely on the wide variety of options that currently exist to obtain recurring and passive income. In this article we explain what the betting handicap is and how it can help you cover all your needs in this area. In addition to offering you different tips that can help you make a much more accurate strategy.

As you know, in the field of football, matches have three results: victory, defeat or draw. In most cases there are important differences between the teams that face each other, so bookmakers with the aim of regulating them offer handicap bets in which the user accepts an advantage or a disadvantage with the aim of being able to get a much more attractive fee.

According to what is clear from its name, betting with a handicap implies placing a bet with a disadvantage. Within the different options that exist depending on the bookmaker or the type of bet in particular for which we opt, there are different attributes that can be chosen at the time of carrying out the choice of the bet. Always depending on whether or not the meeting has started.

In this scenario, bookmakers give us the option to select different positive or negative handicaps depending on the team that generates greater confidence. As well as how attractive the quotas are, which, ultimately, is always the element that gives us the greatest satisfaction. Within the field of betting, there are two main handicaps that we can find: European and Asian. Here we explain the main differences between them.

tipos de handicap

What is the European handicap?

The European handicap has the characteristic that it always offers us three options. Therefore, it eliminates us from the fact that any option that the user makes the bet is null. Contrary to what happens in the Asian model that we will explain later. These are the options that we have to take into account:

Negative handicap: The negative handicap offers us the possibility of improving the quota by choosing a handicap with a disadvantage for the local team. In the event that we opt for a handicap of -2, our team must win by three goals or more in order for us to win the bet. In the event that the rival team loses by less than two goals, we will have lost the bet. Regardless of the end result.

Positive handicap: In the event that we have chosen a positive handicap, another of the options that we can find in the case of the European handicap, we must take into account that this type of bets are made between teams that have significant differences in terms of potential. In the event that we opt for, for example, a handicap of +2, we will need the chosen team to lose by less than two goals or to achieve a better result. In the event of any other scenario occurring, the bet would be lost.

Draw: If we decide to opt for option number 3, which is a draw, we assume that our team is going to score at least one more goal than the rival team. Therefore, the match will end in a draw thanks to the advantage goal that we have chosen. We must emphasize that this type of handicap is very risky and we must carry out a very detailed study before definitively opting for this option. But we cannot forget that it is an alternative to take into account.

Asian handicap, aspects you should know

The Asian handicap is much more conservative than the European handicap. Since the options are reduced to two, the tie being a null bet. The main difference once we have chosen the positive or negative handicap, if once we subtract the handicap from the result of a tie, we are paid the full amount bet.

In this handicap the odds are characterized by being much lower than the European handicap. But, without a doubt, it can be a good option to start with.

Five tips to keep in mind

Consejos a tener en cuenta con el handicap europeo

Get trained

One of the main tips that we can offer you in everything related to betting handicaps is training. At Affiliabet we are the number 1 manager of sports betting and different games that are specially designed to meet the needs of all our users in terms of profitability. However, we cannot stop recommending that training is one of the main keys to success that we are going to be able to find, as it happens in any other field.

In the case of handicap betting, you should keep in mind that training is the key for you to be able to bet consistently and effectively. At the same time, it is also essential when those interested in being able to participate with your link are proactive in this decision. In the case of handicap betting, despite the fact that it is not a variant of betting that is complex to understand, we cannot ignore the possibility that there is someone who does not understand it. If this is your case, don’t worry. A good training on time is enough so that all the people who are interested have their training guaranteed at all times.

study your favorites

As we have already mentioned on several occasions, due to the magnitude and wide variety of the market to which we are referring, it is common that we do not always have the necessary knowledge in terms of training to be able to continue squeezing all our possibilities. In this case, our recommendation is that you study your favorites whenever possible and that you only bet on those handicaps in which you are sure that, effectively, you will be able to cover the needs that are required in terms of acceptance.

Surely there are different matches or meetings of various sports in which you are not sure that certain handicaps may be the best option. In this case, the sports betting handicap is the best investment you can make if you only think about your own favourites. Being an essential condition for your day to day.

The fees

Quotas are another of the elements that become more relevant when it comes to offering our potential clients a scenario that allows them to obtain maximum profitability. In affiliate marketing, due to the characteristics it has, observing the quotas is the best option that you will be able to take into account to ensure all your needs.

The sports betting handicap is one of the most important options for any player. However, we do not always have the coverage of all the elements that will allow us to be successful with each of the decisions that we make. In this case, observing the quotas will allow you to guarantee your followers that the information you have is true and that it will help you cover all your needs.

check your mistakes

Surely on some occasion you have made a bet that you were completely sure would work well. Ultimately, however, it has failed. No need to worry. This situation may seem common in affiliate marketing and if we manage to apply the reason correctly, it is all we need to be able to continue our learning if we have not been in this type of field for a long time.

Due to the characteristics that exist when we refer to the betting handicap, it is common for us to have certain moments of our career in this sector that we make some mistakes. Learning from them will allow us to draw a future scenario that will help us meet all the needs we have in terms of training. Failure in this type of bets is much more common than it may seem at first. Especially if we have not invested the necessary resources in training. Thanks to the wide variety of options that you can choose from, it is much easier than ever to progressively reach perfection, establishing an increasingly detailed strategy.

stay in control

In sports betting, glambiling or any other sector, it is common that on many occasions we tend to bet with our hearts rather than with our heads. However, this is one of the most important errors that we are going to be able to carry out during our entire process. We should not try to recover our losses with a single play. Nor can we pretend to get rich or obtain succulent income if we have not previously dedicated the necessary time.

Maintaining control and balance is essential to be able to guarantee all the needs we have according to our interests. In handicap betting, analytics is essential. And, for this, it is necessary that we analyze in depth each of the matches on which we want to bet. It is necessary to make the most of all the options that currently exist on the network and that will allow us to cover the needs that we have in this matter.

As we have been able to verify, there are many elements that can intervene in the betting handicap. It is necessary that all the elements that intervene in our strategy are controlled to the millimeter in order to obtain the desired performance. Due to the characteristics that define the betting handicap, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge and analytical skills to find a scenario that is favorable to our interests.

At Affiliabet, as you know, we are the number 1 sports betting manager. Do not miss the opportunity to explore our website in search of all the options that we can offer you. With the aim of being able to gather the desired benefits, the best brands in the sector are concentrated in our catalogue. Do not miss the opportunity to contact us. Our team of experts will be helping you to solve all the doubts you have, regardless of the field in which you are interested.

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