What the new online gambling regulation in Germany looks like

Legislación del juego en Alemania

The German market is the new addition to Affiliabet and we give you all the keys on how to get the most out of your affiliate campaigns in this geographical area.

  • Online gambling regulation in Germany.
  • Get to know the German market.

Germany has one of the largest online gambling markets in the world, second only to the UK in terms of number of players and online casinos. It is a rather curious case because, despite having one of the strictest regulations, online casinos have been very successful.

And this success comes in large part from affiliate campaigns that, through affiliates, have allowed brands to promote their products online and reach their target in record time. If online gambling advertising comes from influencers or bloggers specialised in the sector, the German public has a positive attitude and there is a greater likelihood of “buying“.

“The success of affiliate marketing lies in being able to reach the audience of these trend setters by using them as a brand partner.”

German consumers have a mostly favourable attitude towards this marketing practice because they do not associate affiliate marketing as advertising; therefore they give it more credibility. On the other hand, prescribers are highly regarded by advertisers and earn high commissions.

Regulation of online gambling in Germany.

In September 2020, the new regulation of online gambling was approved after four previous attempts. The 16 federal states have agreed to ratify the Interstate Gambling Treaty 2021, which will be implemented gradually until July this year, when it will be fully implemented.

This phased process is called the “Tolerance Policy” and has already begun with the first measure, which is to cancel all casino gambling. It will be up to the states to accept operators’ applications for licences. Other restrictions that have already been put in place include:

  • Deposit limits on poker and slots of €1,000.
  • Advertising restrictions on poker and slots.
  • Poker and slots websites will have to be in German.
  • Limit on simultaneous poker tables.
  • Restrictions on parallel play in slots and slot machines.
  • Limited restrictions on sports betting.
  • Radio and internet commercial advertising banned between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm.
  • There will be “responsible gambling” improvements, such as data verification in the registration process.

On 15 December 2020, further restrictions came into force, which fully affected casino gambling; such as the maximum bet of €1 per day per spin on slot games, or the imposition of a minimum slot spin duration of 5 seconds.

By 1 July, more restrictions will be added, which have not yet been detailed, and this will be the end of a process in which operators will have to work hard and fast to adapt to the new rules.

Gambling is prohibited under current German law but will be legalised in July this year, when a permanent regulatory framework will be put in place to replace the current transitional one.

What is the German market like?

Germany has a population of 71 million people with a high percentage of internet connection (88%), which is twice the size of the Spanish market and therefore offers a high chance of success for affiliate marketing.

Another factor to take into account is that Germans have on average a very high purchasing power; 40% more than a Spaniard, so the disposable income is higher.

Within the bookmakers that are licensed to operate in Germany there is a wide variety of promotions, bonuses and offers but above all customer service is taken into account.

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