What the new Sports Betting Law in Brazil will look like

Apuestas deportivas en Brasil

Brazil is attracting the attention of international sports betting investors and operators due to the huge growth it has experienced in the last two years. This sector has gone from moving $373m in 2018 to generating $1,308.4m in the last year.

  • New regulation of sports betting in Brazil.
  • Sports betting in Brazil.
  • Is it safe to bet in Brazil?

Large advertising investments have been made and the goals have not been long in coming: a large number of new players have managed to make this sector relevant in the Brazilian market where football is the most popular sport, with 70% participation; although sports such as basketball, horse racing or American football are also very successful.

The arrival of the pandemic has stagnated this sector as all games were suspended; but when the activity resumes, a recovery is expected, which will also benefit from the new regulations that the government of President Jair Bolsonaro is putting in place.

Brazil is in the midst of regulating online gambling.

For decades, sports betting activity has been managed through the Loteria Esportiva or Lotogol; a very popular game similar to the Spanish Quiniela. With the extension of betting to the digital world, gambling started to be played on bookmakers’ websites but needed regulation by the government.

Some terms and requirements are still being defined, but it is expected that by mid-2021 sports betting activity will be fully regularised in Brazil.

What the new Brazilian sports betting regulation will look like.

Waldir Eustáquio Marques Júnior, the undersecretary of Prizes and Draws of the Ministry of Economy, expects the new regulation to be implemented by June 2021 and investors to start arriving in the second half of this year.

Among the various restrictions being considered, the following are being discussed:

  • Changing the model for granting authorisations to a competitive model, granting 30 licences in a first call for tenders. Although there was earlier talk of promoting an open and competitive market to generate high demand.
  • An estimated $770 million in revenues per year is expected.
  • Sports betting will also enter the Investment Partnership Programme and the National Privatisation Programme.

The Brazilian finance minister argued that the delay in approval is due to the fact that its main objective is to guarantee legal certainty and consumer protection; therefore, the new legislation must be studied carefully, in order to bring the demand that currently exists in the offshore market to the regulated market. With this model, in addition to ensuring lawful competition, the administration would control the activity and benefit from tax revenues.

Sports betting in Brazil

The sports betting offer in Brazil is practically the same as in other countries. And it is also the same as in other markets: sports betting focuses most of its activity on football; and Brazil is a country where football is lived with an unparalleled passion.

and Brazil is a country where football is lived with an unparalleled passion, which makes it a very favourable market for sports betting. And that is noticeable in the variety of bookmakers and gambling operators that sponsor Brazilian teams (more than 65%).

Therefore, football is the most recommended sport for sports betting in Brazil. It is the king of sports with a much higher incidence than in other countries; it is one of the pillars of the culture of Brazilians, who are proud of it. It has a large number of experts, forecasters and tipsters who help the fan who wants to bet on football in Brazil.

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The Brazilian league attracts the highest volume of betting in Brazil, generating huge liquidity and attracting a large number of players who follow countless tipsters.

But Brazil also has access to every league in the world, so the market can be even more attractive. Although it is normal for a Brazilian to know his country’s league best, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know or want to bet on leagues in other countries.

Is it safe to bet in Brazil?

Right now, yes, it is safe, but it will be even safer when the new regulations come into force. But the security of betting sites depends on the particular bookmaker. The main operators have 100% reliable security systems, but you can find other less professional bookmakers with lack of cybersecurity or fraudulent purposes.

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Sometimes it is better to be cautious and not rely on the country’s security; having mechanisms in place to protect you from a cyber attack will save you a lot of trouble. Before you start with affiliate campaigns, sports betting or online gambling, get yourself a good antivirus or firewall.

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