What to bet on an NBA game?

¿Qué apostar en un partido de la NBA?

What can we bet on an NBA game? This is one of the big questions that all those interested in knowing the possibilities that arise from this type of competitions have. In this article we tell you everything you need to know to turn the NBA into your great ally.

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Betting on an NBA game is much easier and more fun than it may seem at first. Contrary to popular belief, basketball games allow us to analyse a lot of elements that we can’t take into account in any other sport. Beyond the team that is going to win or lose, we can also bet on the winners of a playoff series, for example. In addition to the players who will score the most points or those who can grab the most rebounds.

In addition, there are also specialised bookmakers that allow us to know the number of three-pointers or the percentage of free throws. Also the teams that have a higher probability of arriving at a certain quarter ahead on the scoreboard.

As we have seen, there are many solutions that will help us to manage all the elements. Don’t miss the opportunity and read on. We will tell you in detail what to bet on in an NBA game.

apostar en la NBA

The winner of the match

One of the simplest types of bets we can currently find in the market is the one related to the winner of the match. Most bookmakers offer two types of possibilities when it comes to launching a simple option with which we can start our journey in the bookmakers. This is the winner of the game, the most classic market in basketball.

From this type of betting we will always have the opportunity to analyse the trajectory of the teams involved in each match. Based on the statistics obtained, we will always have the opportunity to start with one of the simplest bets that will allow us to discover all the options that currently exist in the market. Helping us to be able to guarantee a much more favourable outcome depending on the existing needs. If you are thinking of starting in sports betting, the winner of the match will allow you to know in a very simple way what is the first return for which you can access. From then on, you will have a lot of options to discover.

Margin of victory

The margin of victory is another of the elements that most players opt for when they want to start exploring all the possibilities that exist for betting on the NBA beyond determining who will be the winner of each game. In margin of victory betting we can find very high odds. However, the odds are particularly complex and this is when we find ourselves in an area where chance plays a very important role.

Margins of victory should be used in situations where there is a superiority of one team. It is common to use victory margins when a team has a large number of losses, when it is very bad at a particular type of match or when there are a number of conditions that can increasingly determine the outcome. However, it is not always common for us to determine winning margins as an essential part of our operations.


As in other sports, when we want to bet on the NBA we also find a lot of opportunities if we focus exclusively on handicaps. The most common one is the one that refers to the difference in points that will exist between the two teams at the end of the game. However, there are also handicaps that focus on the points scored in each half or in each of the quarters.

This is a very interesting option, since it allows us to know the scores in direct and to guide our decisions as a whole according to them. In addition, it is important to know that we have to be very attentive to the players of each team before deciding the best option.

Apuestas en la nba

Total points

Total points is another of the most interesting options when it comes to what to bet on in an NBA game. This is a very simple type of bet to calculate but it is a very complex one. On the positive side, it is important to know that the point totals are based on accumulated statistics. So it is possible to have a lot of tools to be able to hit considerably with a high percentage. Squeezing the maximum out of all the existing possibilities.

More and more bettors are focusing their movements on the total points. Being one of the best formulas that currently exist to start working in this field without having to have a large amount of knowledge about this scenario.

Individual bets

In parallel to all the elements mentioned above, it is also important to note that basketball is not just about overall betting. There are also a large number of options when it comes to individual betting in order to ensure that all betting needs are covered,

In single betting we can find a large number of options that help us to be able to know in depth all the elements that exist in each match. Depending on the bookmaker we choose, the number of options may vary considerably. However, it is always important to keep in mind that it is common for individual bets to have their different lines of action between the number of total points of a player, his assists or his rebounds. Or any other element worth highlighting during the game.

The league champion

One of the most common types of bets on NBA games is the one that refers to the league champion. In this way, we can determine the NBA champion from the very first games of the NBA season. In this case, it is worth bearing in mind that the NBA season does not only have a regular league. There are also the PlayOffs, which is the moment when the winner is really determined. So it is important to consider that we are dealing with a sport that has a longer regular season.

In this type of betting, we find a great complexity when it comes to predict something that has such a long duration in time. Injuries, streaks or any other element that remains present can have a big impact on the final result of the season. One of the clearest examples of this has been the Los Angeles Lakers this season. So it is important that we take into account all the elements that can be a surprise factor before determining what will be the final result of our operations as a whole.

Finalists and conferences

Very much in line with the previous element, both the finalists and the conferences can receive their own bets. These are two categories that allow us to identify the teams that we know can take the lead. And, as a result, to reach the best solution based on all their needs.

The finalists and the conferences help us to find all kinds of elements with which to discover the whole of our actions. It is one of the most effective solutions in any field. This type of betting presents the same type of risk as the previous ones.

Individual statistics

Finally, it is also worth considering everything related to individual statistics. There is the possibility of being able to bet on those statistics accumulated throughout the season. Both in what is related to the average and what depends on the accumulation of some of the different total attributes.

The individual statistics help us to progressively know a large number of areas of our game with maximum guarantees.

As we have seen, there are many areas that we can bet on when we want to invest in some of the different NBA games that currently exist. Now that the PlayOff has started, it is the best formula to be able to ensure the coverage of all the needs you have, achieving the desired return on all your actions. Don’t miss the opportunity and discover everything you can achieve thanks to us. Remember, at Affiliabet we are the number 1 affiliate marketing manager on the planet.

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