Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

Afiliados para principiantes

Have you been drawn to affiliate marketing for the past few years, but aren’t sure how to get started? Although it may not seem like it, it is a situation that occurs with great frequency. Affiliate marketing for beginners requires particular conditions that you need to master in order to start earning your desired income. However, spending some time to achieve your intended goal can be especially easy. For this, it is essential to have some basic notions about all the terminology and operations that arise from affiliate marketing, in addition to the confidence of a number one manager in the sector.

At Affiliabet, leaders in affiliate marketing. We are specialized in affiliate marketing for beginners in sports betting, casinos, gambling and finance. Therefore, we operate in a large number of markets that allow us to seduce the needs of all our clients. No matter what your tastes are, surely at Affiliabet we can offer you a good option so that you can start using our affiliate platform and generate that extra income that you want so much. Here is a short guide to affiliate marketing for beginners to help you get started in this field.

If you are starting to take your first steps in affiliate marketing, it is important that you understand well what we mean when we refer to this concept. This is an aspect of marketing that allows you to generate a commission at the time a user buys a product through our affiliate link. Therefore, we can start generating money from the first moment, without having to have carried out any type of investment.

To understand how affiliate marketing for beginners works, it pays to take a business perspective. As an affiliate, you take on the same role as a company salesperson. For this reason, at the same time you generate a sale, the company gives you a commission. A situation that is very common in physical retail, for example, and that now allows us to benefit online. An option with which to generate extra income without having to travel to any physical space. This being one of the main advantages that we can find, and also one of the reasons why there is increasing interest in affiliate marketing for beginners.

Infografía como funciona el marketing de afiliación

How does affiliate marketing work?

How does the company know that a sale has occurred thanks to us? It’s very simple: the store generates its own link with an identifier that is related to your user. From the moment someone accesses it through the link, the merchant already has the ability to attribute all sales to a specific person. In addition, the sale does not have to take place at the same time. Rather, it is valid in time, in the event that it is delayed.

Thanks to the prominence of this type of technique, in recent years its growth has been exponential. The reason is found in the ease that comes off throughout the process. Offering the user a wide variety of options with which to make the most of all the elements involved.

How much money can you earn?

One of the most frequent questions in affiliate marketing for beginners refers to the total amount of money that can be earned through the generation of these types of links. One of the great advantages that we find in affiliate marketing for beginners is that from day one you can start generating income and there is no limit at any time. For this, it is necessary to have a niche and work in a demanding way, in order to position our links above the rest of our competitors.

We must internalize the need to dedicate the necessary time to training and the generation of a strategy according to our needs. Despite the fact that we can obtain large sums of money, the reality is that it is always advisable to start with caution, respecting all the steps that are necessary to be able to start taking our first steps. Affiliate marketing is a strategy that, despite the good results it offers, requires a series of steps that are necessary until we can fully squeeze our sales. It is important to have the necessary patience when going through each of them. Being one of the best options that we will be able to find at the moment of squeezing all our needs to the fullest.

Infografía marketing para principiantes

Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

Choosing a platform

There are many channels that currently exist that allow us to offer greater visibility to our links. Historically, the blog has always generated good results. However, in recent years, it has been social networks that have performed the best.

In both cases, we find two ways that we can assess in order to ensure the coverage we need. It is also important to know that it is not necessary to choose between the different existing options, but that we can choose a combination of both or more channels. To do this, the first step is to know the type of audience we are addressing. In this way, selecting a platform is much easier than it may seem.

The niche

In recent years, many users have opted for affiliate marketing in order to generate extra income and, ultimately, make it their main activity. This situation has caused that we have to dedicate our efforts to define a niche with which we feel comfortable to be able to work in it. It is important that we choose a specific topic, not a broad category. In this type of category there is greater competition and it is especially difficult for us to find a good position in the short term.

To choose the niche, we must spend some time investigating which options can be more reliable. It is also important to know that once we choose the niche, if we generate a certain notoriety in our field, we can progressively expand to new fields with which to squeeze all our possibilities and the investment made.

Affiliate programs

The affiliate program is the next step we must take. As we have already explained, thanks to the boom that affiliate marketing has reached, there are currently a wide variety of options that we can choose. In all of them we have to bear in mind that we cannot always find the same profitability. .

At Affiliabet we have some of the best brands in the sector from the different fields we work with. It is no coincidence that we have become the number 1 manager of affiliate marketing in our country. Carrying out the election with a recognized platform like ours is key.

Content creation

What is the type of content you are going to create? Depending on the audience you want to address, you must adapt the content to it. For this reason it is important that you try to define an audience with whom you feel comfortable and at ease. You must bear in mind that the type of content will influence the ability to seduce your audience, so you have to take into account all the elements that intervene.

In recent years, one of the content that has offered the best results is related to audiovisual content. Creating this type of options through our social networks is

Go to your affiliate site

One of the most critical points refers to the ability with which we have to direct traffic to our website. At this point we must be aware that there are many strategies that exist and that they can carry out an important redirection of web traffic. Among other things, SEM campaigns, paid, or SEO, organic.

The first option is always designed for those situations in which we need short-term results. On the other hand, with organic SEO we manage to squeeze the most out of the possibilities in the long term. For this, hiring an agency specialized in this type of elements is essential.

Obtén clics en cada enlace

The links must also be attractive. It is not enough just to create content and spread it. Rather, this content has to be of sufficient quality to attract the attention of all our visitors. Also, the links must be located in context.

Links should be located at the top of the text, which is where the reader has a greater concentration. They have to make sense and use different wake-up calls that allow them to squeeze their results.

Convert clicks into sales

Finally, we have to get to the step of converting clicks into sales. To do this, we have to gather all the ingredients mentioned previously and squeeze all the results that we can achieve to the maximum.

It is necessary for the user to click on our links and, once made, execute the sale. This will be the only way that allows us to earn money. Carrying out regular analysis in terms of performance will allow us to get a much broader perspective. These reports can be generated from a large part of the tools that exist today. We have to have the ability to identify which are the best options according to our needs.

Once these reports are extracted, we have to try to print maximum visibility in all the links used. In addition to making use of the attention calls mentioned previously.

As you know, at Affiliabet we are the first affiliate platform with its own application. From the first moment you start sharing, you can already win! It is no coincidence that we are the # 1 affiliate marketing manager in the industry. In addition, we have the best brands in each of the sectors we work with, such as Marathon Bet or Luckia, among many others. In this article we have seen how you can start taking the first steps in this sector and start generating income. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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