Affiliate marketing keys to be successful in your commissions

Claves para el marketing de afiliación

Before making the decision to start your first affiliate campaign, you surely have many doubts. In this blog we discover all the keys so that affiliate marketing has no secrets for you.

Broadcast channel.

The main thing is to choose the right digital broadcast channel to launch your affiliate campaigns. In a previous blog we told you which ones are the best and how to optimize them.

You must draw up a clear strategy of how to use your social networks; For example, one option could be to have a blog where you share information, news or curiosities with your followers and also recommend advertiser campaigns. The rest of social networks could be used as amplifiers of your campaigns.

Type of affiliates.

Just as there are many types of affiliate campaigns, there are also several types of affiliates; depending on the type of content you share on your channels.

For example, the tipster offers information or advice on sports betting (free or paid) to guide and influence other bettors. They have become highly regarded sports betting tipsters with high commissions.

If you are a tipster, take a look at our campaigns; (register here) you have at your disposal a wide variety of materials that will earn you high commissions.

Followers and traffic.

The second most important thing is that you have stable traffic on your website or blog and that you have a good number of followers on your social networks. Think that the more people you reach with your campaigns, the more likely you will be successful.

To increase your visibility, you will have to strive to provide attractive content on a regular basis on your channels; but taking care that this content manages to position you properly. We advise you to improve the SEO of your website and lean on the tools provided by social networks, such as hashtags or featured content.

Type of content of your channels.

The type of content you share with your followers does not have to be related to the content of your affiliate campaigns; although it is true that if they are, the conversion may be higher. Analyze your audience well and provide them with affiliate campaigns related to their tastes.

Also analyze which affiliate campaigns you want to launch. The advantage of promoting popular sports campaigns is that they are events that have more impact. The key is liquidity; If the sport has a high liquidity it is a sign that many people are betting, and therefore increases the possibility of winning more money.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and a match like “el clasico” generates so much expectation that it can reach a liquidity of 25 million euros.

It would be a safe bet. But other sports like basketball, tennis, golf or motorcycling can also earn you a lot of money with less risk and more likely to get big commissions. Bookmakers have more than 30 different betting modes and it is important to know how to use those possibilities.

Types of commissions.

All the effort to have attractive channels and to get a large fan base; it is for a single objective: to earn money.

When you promote the affiliate campaigns of our advertisers and get your followers to become referrals, you get a commission in return. And this commission can be

  • CPA: cost per action. You receive your commission (fixed liquid amount) when it is confirmed that your referral has performed the action or actions required by the advertiser (for example, to register on their website, make a minimum deposit and make a minimum bet).
  • CPL: cost per lead. In this case, to add up your commission, your followers will have to convert; register on the advertiser’s website, fill out a form and subscribe to a service. With this type of campaign you can get fast commissions without the user having to make a purchase.
  • Revenue Share: it is a system of shared profits in which the advertiser distributes his profits among the affiliates. As your followers lose money in their online games or bets, you will receive a percentage of the net losses.If you want to make money easily from home, you are in the right place. At Affiliabet, the best campaigns and the highest commissions await you to launch your affiliate campaigns for sports betting, online gaming, poker, finance and Forex.


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