Affiliate marketing, more profitable with Affiliabet

To get the most out of your followers on social networks, affiliate marketing is your best option.

If on your website, blog, YouTube channel or social networks you usually talk about sports, sports betting, online gambling, stock markets, finances … become an Affiliabet affiliate and you can earn commissions just by incorporating our campaigns into the content you generate every day.

What advantages does Affiliabet offer you?

With a simple search you will find many similar affiliate platforms, but Affiliabet is the # 1 manager of affiliate campaigns for sportsbooks, poker, casino, bingo, Forex, binary trading, finance and much more.

* Ease.

We have developed a platform that will facilitate the dissemination of the campaigns and the management of your commissions.

> From your account, you will be able to manage all your campaigns, you will have access to marketing resources and you will be able to share the links directly on your channels in a fast and efficient way.

> Both campaign metrics and payments are updated daily so you can track them in real time. And you will have direct access to an affiliate manager who will answer all your questions and queries.

* PREMIUM Membership.

If you register as a PREMIUM affiliate at Affiliabet, you will have more advantages:

> Upon confirming your registration, we will give you a € 20 welcome bonus.

> You will have access to video tutorials with tips and tricks so that you can squeeze 100% of the profitability of belonging to the Affiliabet team.

> In addition to the commissions you earn with your campaigns, you can win more prizes with the challenges and gamification campaigns that we regularly launch to our Premium affiliates.

* Maximum profitability.

You will have available several methods of commissions so that you can configure your own payment system and make your broadcast channels 100% profitable.

> CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): fixed commission for each new valid registration that you send to the advertiser.

> Revenue Share: you will receive a percentage of the net losses of the records you have made.

> Hybrid commissions: the two previous methods are combined, and therefore you would charge the sum of a CPA and a% of the net losses of each player captured.

* Direct contact.

At Affiliabet you will find a team of specialized technicians in different areas so that nothing fails:

> Affiliate managers: they manage the attention of both advertisers and affiliates. So that the campaigns that we launch are 100% profitable and effective. You can even request legal and financial advice.

> Web developers: experts in the development and maintenance of our affiliate platform so that nothing fails while you continue to accumulate commissions.

> Marketing and digital design: they examine the links and design the banners that you activate in your channels, to guarantee their effectiveness.

Sports betting, online gambling and forex campaigns

In Affiliabet you have multiple affiliate campaigns available for the Spanish market and also LATAM. Our clients are sportsbooks, poker, casino, bingo, Forex, binary trading and finance.

Sports bets.

Share with your followers the campaigns of the sports betting houses and receive commissions for each recruitment that you manage to make. You will have options to choose campaigns that commission by CPA, Revenue Share or hybrid commissions.

Online game.

You have many options to choose affiliate campaigns for online gambling, poker and bingo casinos with different commission options. You can also opt for CPA, Revenue Share or hybrid commissions.

Forex, binary operations and finance.

Affiliabet puts at your disposal affiliate campaigns of financial platforms that will report you CPA-type commissions.

Sign up as an affiliate at Affiliabet and start making money with brands from the Gambling, Forex and binary sector.


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