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Betting on horseback or half on roulette is one of those decisions that all gambling players have to face at some point in their lives. At Affiliabet, as affiliate marketing experts, we tell you everything you need to know to be able to make the right choice. Do not miss the opportunity, it is the best time to start!

On our website, as you can see, there are a large number of options that you can find in order to obtain the maximum return on each of your bets. Thanks to the fact that we have exclusive collaborations with the best bookmakers in the sector, carrying out all those affiliate marketing activities that allow you to obtain the maximum return is easier than ever. In addition, thanks to the opinions of the experts and the large number of options that you can find in our catalog, it will always ensure that you get the best result!

When we want to play roulette, it is important that we know what are the different systems that currently exist in the market and that will allow us to help obtain a greater amount of benefits. One of them is horse or semi-full bets in roulette. This type of option is used by a large number of players since it allows us to double the chances of winning for each chip bet. Therefore, it is one of the best investments that we can make when we want to make the most of each of the movements that we have carried out. This is the case of bets on horseback or split.

From Affiliabet, thanks to the fact that we have the most specialized casinos and with a greater number of options for all our users, we offer you everything you need to know to be able to bet on horseback or half full on roulette. Thanks to the wide variety of options that we have, we always have the ideal scenario to be able to fully enjoy our favorite games while meeting all existing needs.

What is the horse in roulette?

A horse bet in roulette is also known as a split bet. Therefore, despite the fact that there is usually some confusion when we have to carry out this type of movement, the reality is that we refer to the same strategy with two different names. Being clear about this concept is essential to be able to obtain the result we need when it comes to ensuring coverage of the existing needs in this area.

The term horse betting has its origin in full betting. In these, only one number will go to bed. However, in the set to which we are referring, it is characterized by the fact that the card covers two numbers. In this way, we can have the guarantee that our chances of victory are multiplied by two. Therefore, the payout is reduced to half of what a straight bet is. Offering us greater profitability than the rest of the options that we can currently find on the market when it comes to being able to cover the existing needs in this matter. Guaranteeing at all times a much more attractive scenario for us.

In order to place a horse bet, we must deposit our chip between two numbers. When we face the mat, we must leave the chip on the dividing line between the two boxes that make up the adjacent numbers. Automatically, the system already recognizes that we are using this strategy to be able to ensure a much greater coverage than what we could find in the case of being able to access simple bets. Ensuring a wide variety of options that allow us greater satisfaction around the different needs that we have in the current environment.

The horse roulette method can provide us with a very attractive profit. While it is true that we risk a little more than we would find in other types of bets, we also win a greater amount of me?

Qué es una apuesta a caballo

Horse betting methods

As it happens in most of the strategies that we use when we want to carry out all our bets, regardless of whether it is in the casino or in a sports bet, there are different scenarios on which we can bet our needs. And then these are the following.

black horse betting

The black horse bets are located in a type of game in which we can only interact with the black squares. To do this, we must understand that the mat is made up of three columns in which the red and black squares are interspersed with each other. Therefore, we must exploit only those contiguous black squares in each column. In total, it would be a type of bet of 10 numbers of 37.

In statistical terms, we will have an approximate figure of 27% chance of winning. Within this same area, it should be noted that there is another variant of betting at the end of the black horse. In it, we are not governed by the columns, but we can also place 1 knight between the horizontal black squares. Through this variant, we would be able to have two more chips than in the previous method. Therefore, the number of chances of winning could also grow if we have the winning combination according to our needs. Make sure in your moments a greater 30 skill in each of the different movements but it is that we opted.

red horse betting

In this case, we find a modality that is very similar to the one we mentioned above. If we focus our attention on the mat, we can see how we have five black horses and four red hair. To be able to make this bet, we have to deposit four chips on the table that cover a total of eight numbers.

Compared to the previous option, we must bear in mind that the main characteristic of counting is that betting on the red horse ends allows us to obtain a greater benefit than that found in the black horse. And, in addition, always contributing a smaller amount of chips. The objective is to be able to ensure a wide variety of options that allow us to cover all the existing needs in the current environment. A type of methodology that allows us to be able to cover a wide variety of options and helps us draw a much more different strategy than the one we could find through the most classic options in this type of game. Therefore, it helps us to achieve a wide variety of options with which to cover the existing needs in sports terms.

Opciones apuesta a caball

Payment of bets at split

Finally, it is time to analyze how the payment of the bets will be carried out at half-full. For this, it is convenient to know that the payment of the same varies depending on the method by which we opt. In the event that we capture for the bets on horseback or half full, the profits will be 17 to one. Therefore, in the event that we bet a symbolic amount, such as four euros, we will be accessing the possibility of reaching €68. A situation that is attractive enough for us to pay attention to this type of betting when we can access greater profitability than any other type of modality offers us.

In the final bets on the black horse, which have chips of one euro, we can bet with five chips and cover 10 numbers. Therefore, the total benefits that we would be accessing is €14. Always depending on the results of the game and how we can manage all our movements in this type of space.

In the event that we opt for the variant of seven chips, in the final bets on the black horse, our prizes will be €12, since we will discover a total of 14 numbers.

To conclude, we need to look at betting on the red horse endgame. In this case we will only play with four chips. Therefore, we take €15 profit. Being another of the options that we can assess when we begin our journey in semi-full bets.

The importance of having the best casinos

Once we have found the different options that exist to be able to play roulette, it is convenient to take into account the wide variety of options that currently exist in the market in order to obtain the maximum performance in each of our actions. And often the importance of having the best casinos is one of the most important elements of affiliate marketing given the importance of the brand we work with.

As you know, on our platform we have the best partners available on the market. In addition to integrating a team that is exploring all the existing options in the market to be able to squeeze any type of agreement with those bookmakers that meet the necessary requirements in terms of quality. In this way, we always guarantee a wide variety of options to all users.


As we have been able to verify, there are many elements that intervene when choosing the best option in order to offer maximum performance in each of the movements that we carry out when we want Juan in the casino. One of the frequent doubts of our consumer is everything that has to do with the decision to bet on horseback or half full in roulette. However, there is no formula that is better than others. But it will depend on our needs and on these characteristics the best option to be able to cover with all our capacities. Do not miss the opportunity to trust our website, the best option to be able to play your favorite games of chance. At Affiliabet we are already waiting for you. what are you waiting for

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