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What is an affiliate marketing campaign and what is it for?

Affiliate marketing campaigns are a type of performance-based advertising in which the advertiser rewards an affiliate for driving traffic, leads or sales to their website.

It is an effective way for businesses to expand their reach and increase sales from new customers. With affiliate marketing, companies can reach a wider audience and create more meaningful relationships with potential customers.

It is also an effective way to make money, as advertisers only pay for the leads or sales their affiliates generate.

How can you earn money with referral or affiliate programs in online gaming houses (poker, casino)? CPA, Revenue Share

To earn money with referral or affiliate programs at online gambling houses, you have two main options for payment models: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Revenue Share.

  • CPA is a type of pay-for-performance model where the affiliate receives a one-time fixed commission when they refer a new player who signs up and makes a deposit. This method is ideal for affiliates who want to be rewarded quickly and do not want to worry about the long-term performance of their referred players.
  • Revenue Share is a type of long-term payment model in which the affiliate receives a percentage of the revenue generated by the player’s activity. This method is ideal for affiliates looking for long-term residual income. It is also beneficial for poker rooms and casinos, as it gives them the assurance that referred players will remain active on their sites.

To maximize your earnings, you should consider combining both models, as they can work together to provide a steady stream of payouts. For example, you can offer a CPA for initial registration and then move to a revenue sharing model once the player is actively playing.

The best online gaming houses that pay by affiliates and referral system worldwide (Sportium, Luckia, Codere, Wplay, Betplay, Zamba, Rushbet, William Hill, Rivalo, Yajuego, Bwin).

These online gaming houses offer bonuses and payouts to their affiliates worldwide.

Through this referral system, players, sponsors and affiliates can earn money through commissions when they refer other people to play at these gambling houses.

It is a great way to earn extra money for both novices and experienced players.

  • Sportium: Sportium is one of the most popular online gambling houses in Europe and Latin America. It has been around since 2004 and offers players a wide selection of games with great bonuses, promotions and payouts. The referral system also helps affiliates earn money by referring others to play at this casino.
  • Luckia: Luckia is a Spanish online gaming operator with a strong presence in Latin America. Players can enjoy fantastic bonuses, promotions and payouts at both this casino and its affiliate sites. Their referral system also provides affiliates with extra money for referring other players to play here.
  • Codere: Codere is another popular online gambling provider that operates in Europe and Latin America. This casino offers players great bonuses, promotions and payouts along with its affiliate program. Through this program, affiliates can earn additional money for referring other players to play at this casino.



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