Get the most out of your broadcast channels with Affiliabet affiliate campaigns

Affiliate marketing can generate large commissions if you use it properly in each of your outreach channels.

Just like you don’t share content in the same way on your website or on Instagram; With affiliate campaigns you should also be careful with how you communicate and where you place it. Read on to have in your hand all the tools that will make you optimize the monetization of your affiliate campaigns with Affiliabet.

What are the best channels to earn commission from affiliate marketing?

Let’s analyze the main channels so that you can get an idea of ​​the advantages and tools that each one offers you:


Web pages are the quintessential channel for your affiliate campaigns to be a success. And it is that the traffic that you refer to the bookmakers has a quality both qualitative and quantitative.

If you have a website specialized in sports or betting, it is the best scenario to earn commissions with affiliate marketing:

  • Because you have many options to build your campaigns. In addition to getting a better positioning, you have the space you want to place the banners of the promos.
  • Because the advertisers of affiliate campaigns prefer the traffic that comes to them from specialized web pages; since it is an affinity audience and can reach out in a massive way.


The specialized blogs would be very much in line with the webs; The followers of your website or blog are more loyal and stable over time than the followers you can collect on any other digital channel.

Perhaps blogs have less capacity to personalize space and manage advertising and affiliate campaigns.

Social networks.

You can have a lot of followers or fans; But here the instability and volatility of those who follow you adds to the speed with which fashions and trends change on social networks. In addition to the fact that there is a great saturation of prescribers or influencers who launch many offers daily to their followers, who are also yours.

Instagram and Telegram are the channels preferred by tipsters, since you get more visibility and even, in the second, you can create private channels.

Instant messaging channels.

Applications like WhatsApp have great potential for affiliate marketing.

Although the possibilities are limited, the interaction with your followers is very agile and direct, so you should pay special attention if you launch your campaigns through this channel.

How can I get more out of my channels?

Now that you are already thinking about which channels you can promote your affiliate campaigns, we give you some tips to get more out of them:

  • WhatsApp

    It is the ideal channel to create a community with your followers where you can share content with them directly; and at the same time get their questions, doubts and comments. With this application you can quickly manage customer service and generate more trust with your followers because they have direct access to you.

Use all the tools that this application offers you:

– Create a distribution list and launch your messages with news, offers and recommendations. You can create several and share different content, according to the followers of each list and thus diversify your campaigns much more.

– Send messages to your distribution lists with your link, promotional videos, GIFs …

– Use the status for launches, giveaways or promotions that you want to highlight.

– Take advantage of your username and profile photo to put your logo and your identification.

  • Telegram

    If the content you share with your followers is above all betting tips and opinions, Telegram is the most suitable channel for you. It is the application preferred by Tipsters.

Because you can create groups of up to 5,000 users, encrypt your messages and calls, consume less data than other direct messaging applications, and because you can have a bot that chat with your users for specific actions.

The traffic that you refer to advertisers from direct messaging channels is considered of lower quality; because they are usually users who only make one or two movements, responding to certain campaigns or actions that you launch. Therefore, you must always keep your community active with new challenges and promotions, to ensure that they are stable users over time and carry out recurring operations. Subscribe to our Affiliabet TELEGRAM channel.

  • Facebook

    You can post from your personal account or you can create a specific account for your affiliate campaigns. We recommend the second option.

In your publications, add the links of your affiliate campaigns and also the appropriate hashtags that help to locate you. You will be able to limit everything you want so that the traffic that you report is more effective.

Another tip is to join the groups related to your campaigns so that you can get more referrals in this way. Visit our Facebook page to follow news.

  • Instagram.

    As for Facebook, use a different account than your personal profile.

Here you cannot share your links in the post, but you can invite your followers to write to you privately for more details and take the opportunity to provide them with the link. Hashtags work better on Instagram than on Facebook, so they will be a powerful tool to help them find you more easily; of course, use only the appropriate ones and the ones with the best traffic that will refer you. Follow us on our Instagram to follow our posts and campaigns.

Share your promotions, tricks, opinions, offers … in videos that you release periodically and that you can share on other platforms.

If your intention is to focus on one or two channels, you can take advantage of the other channels to redirect traffic to the main ones or to generate content, as would be the case with YouTube videos.

For example, publish on your website or on your social networks that you have an exclusive WhatsApp or Telegram group and whoever writes to you privately will be included in your community.

And if you want your affiliate campaigns to give you the highest returns, start by registering with Affiliabet (register here); You will have access to the best campaigns and a wide variety of materials so that your affiliate campaigns do not stop giving you commissions. Join the best affiliate campaign manager for sports betting, online gaming and Forex.


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