The best affiliate programs of 2021 that generate income

The best affilate programs

Affiliate programs have become one of the most popular options that we can find in the digital environment. For many years, the growing interest made discovering new formulas that would allow us to access a second income or a modality that would facilitate the introduction of passive income in our domestic economy, causing affiliate marketing to become one of the most desired options by part of a large number of profiles. At Affiliabet, as the # 1 affiliate marketing manager, we have witnessed luxuriously the exponential growth that we are experiencing today. Our secret, in addition to the excellent user experience that we show, is our ability to offer our users a program that brings together some of the best brands in the market.

As you know, affiliate marketing programs are a business model that allows us to enjoy the possibility of being able to promote our products and generate income for each conversion that we end up carrying out. In this type of program, there are three actors that intervene and that allow us to ensure the coverage of all our actions: advertisers, affiliates and buyers. In this article we are going to know which are the best affiliate programs of 2021 that can generate a greater amount of income.

At Affliliabet we are the # 1 affiliate marketing manager in a large number of countries. Our platform is known for the large number of opportunities it offers. We are specialized in sports betting, in casinos, in gambling and in finance. Our team of professionals is constantly looking for new brands to integrate into our catalog in order to ensure our clients a lineup broad enough to win over anyone. We understand that in affiliate marketing it is essential to establish alliances with the best partners. For this reason, all our efforts are focused in the same direction.

We are the largest affiliate network that currently exists on the internet. In addition, we have an application for both iOS and Android. And a community wide enough to be able to offer the support you need in any scenario. Becoming one of the best platforms that you can currently find on the net. What are you waiting for to register and start earning money?

Amazon Associates

We don’t have to discover Amazon in the 21st century. Its product catalog is one of the most extensive that we can currently find on the market. A situation that allows us to make the most of all the possibilities of affiliate marketing, since we will surely find a product category that is to the liking of our target audience.

As we have already mentioned several times on Affiliabet, Amazon is considered the company that started everything related to affiliate marketing. So your experience is maximum. But also the competition that we find ourselves with when we want to launch a product with which to cover all our needs and establish a solid income base. Altogether, we are faced with an option that provides us with all the necessary tools to maximize our income. It is advisable to dedicate the necessary time to explore all the opportunities that allow us to meet the demands of our target audience.


Aliexpress is another of the affiliate marketing platforms with the largest number of users. One of the great secrets that this platform contemplates, in addition to its huge product category, is the prices it offers. We find ourselves with one of the platforms that can offer us greater profitability. Consolidating its area of ​​action throughout the world as one of the best affiliate marketing platforms that we can find. Reaching at all times the coverage of all the needs that we have.


Do you want to know an affiliate marketing program that is able to arouse the interest of your followers? Then you should start working with ShareASale. It has more than 4000 stores in its marketplace, ensuring at all times an option that allows you to ensure the expectations of your customers.

Its learning curve is one of the fastest that we can find in the sector. A scenario that makes it one of the options that we must always take into account to guarantee being able to obtain a return from the first moment.


As you know, Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world. It has a large number of characteristics that make it an option to consider for all those physical spaces that need a website with which to cover all their needs.

Its affiliate program is one of the best known for the number of users it concentrates. It is important to understand that its penetration rate in the electronic market has not stopped growing in recent years. So it becomes an option to consider when we want to be able to carry out a solution according to our needs.


If we are from WordPress, ThirstyAffiliates should become one of the options to consider. Its learning curve is characterized by presenting a very simple development. And it is that all the operation of its affiliate program has been carried out thinking about the ease of the user to be able to promote its services. We are facing a WordPress plugin in which all management is especially simple. In addition, it is possible to hide our links and add them to our articles. Squeezing all our possibilities to the fullest.

eBay Partner Network

Who does not know eBay? For many years, this platform has been able to position itself as a leader in the field of bidding and everything related to online shopping. It was one of the first websites where it was possible to shop safely anywhere in the world. So its results were especially remarkable from the beginning.

The eBay affiliate program will allow us to take advantage of eBay’s strong recognition to be able to offer our customers a wide variety of options in terms of both products and categories. And always with the recognition of the platform itself.

el crecimiento del marketing de afiliados


Clickbank is another option that we must always consider when it comes to creating an affiliate program that helps us to guarantee a solution that meets the expectations we have. Your affiliate program has long been established as one of the most important. Therefore, it is recommended that we become interested in this platform at the same time that we begin our journey in affiliate marketing.


Avantlink differs from the rest of the platforms that we have mentioned so far due to the exhaustive control with which all those interested in accessing its platform are involved. We are faced with one of the options that we must assess whenever we want to begin to enter this world. However, access will not be easy. According to the data offered by the platform itself, only 30% of all the applicants found within it obtain approval to carry out all the actions that must be taken into account.

At Avantilink we find a wide variety of options in terms of metrics. Reaching the coverage of all existing needs in order to obtain the necessary information in terms of performance. Without a doubt, one of the best options that we can choose when it comes to ensuring the creation of a scenario that allows us to achieve all the elements that we have.

Sovrn Commerce

Sovrn Commerce is another of the affiliate marketing platforms that have been positioned for the longest time as one of the most relevant platforms in the market. It is an automation tool that allows us to convert a link to an existing product with different linked keywords.

Over the past few years, as affiliate marketing has grown, its notoriety has kept pace. Allowing to reach a solution for all those interested in creating a scenario in which affiliate marketing becomes one of the best investments for which we can choose.


With more than 2000 offers continually succeeding each other, Peerfly is another platform that we must value. It is a CPA-based program that has managed to consolidate its leadership in the market based on constant updates and different tools that make it one of the most attractive solutions.

Your visitors must perform certain actions in order to carry out the relevant commission. Therefore, we are faced with a price modality based on the CPA capable of bringing together all the actions that we want to carry out.


Do you need a type of program focused on SEO? Then Semrush is everything you are looking for. It is one of the most sought after platforms internationally, with a large number of products and services that will be key to attracting the attention of a large number of scenarios.

Although it is not one of the platforms that offer us greater intuitiveness to guarantee the coverage of all our needs, the reality is that it is one of the platforms that can offer us a greater return.

Ninja Outreach

Finally, it is time to mention Ninja Outreach, another platform that has managed to attract growing attention. Establish a connection with bloggers and influencers capable of conquering anyone. A solution with which to cover all the elements that are necessary to draw up a strategy capable of satisfying all the elements described.

As we can see, there are many the best affiliate programs that can present us with a large number of opportunities at the time of squeezing all the options with which to earn money. At Affiliabet, as the # 1 affiliate marketing manager, we have a large number of areas of expertise. Our alliances with the best brands in the market allow us to provide our clients with a setting with which to cover all their needs.

A unique opportunity to express all your needs. What are you waiting for to get in touch with us and let yourself be seduced with everything we can do for you? It is time to make your choice!

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