What is a Patent bet?

que es una apuesta patent

Within sports betting and everything related to games of chance, expanding our profits in the long term is one of the best investments that we are going to be able to carry out. However, to do so, we have to be clear about the movements we can make to stop thinking about the short term and start betting on the long term. In this way, we will be able to establish a strategy that allows us to embrace new possibilities within the field of online entertainment in order to squeeze the benefits of our movements.

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In this article, and answering the first question of how to make long-term investments in this sector, we tell you what a patent bet is. In addition to all the knowledge you must have to be able to integrate it into your day to day.

Within multiple bets, one of the systems that has generated the greatest expectation in recent years is patent bets. It is a type of multiple bet that is very easy to understand and carry out. Unlike the rest of the systems that exist on a day-to-day basis within this sector, it hardly requires a learning curve to be able to carry out all the operations in a very simple way. The main common denominator of this type of multiple bets is that in the summary of the operation we will be able to see all the possible combinations that can be formed from the selection of a certain forecast. Always used based on an array.

In the case of patent bets, it is worth knowing that we must choose three events with which we will make up to seven different bets. However, the methodology changed considerably, having to internalize the following elements so that we can know how this type of bet works.

First, an accumulator bet of three chosen selections.
Second, three double accumulator bets.
Third, three simple bets.
From the set of results that we have mentioned above, it is when we achieve the seven possible combinations with which we can make the Carlos bets. Based on the results obtained, we can ensure the coverage of all the needs that we have in this type of bet.

selecciones para una apuesta patent

How should we make patent bets?

Once we have chosen our three basic forecasts, we must go to the tab that will have an approximate name to that of multiple bets. Once we are in this tab, we will surely find a very close option that says the name of the type of bet that we are referring to in this article. To know that we will play with the amount marked in the betting box multiplied by seven. In this way, we will have the guarantees that we are in the right place within the configuration panel of our user account.

However, in the event that we have any type of doubt, it is convenient to know that we can contact any of the customer service agents that most betting sites have in order to carry out any type of query in this regard.

In short, it is worth knowing that the total amount bet will be the result of spending the same amount marked on the betting slip in each of the seven possible combinations. Therefore, we are facing one of the best strategies that we can choose to be able to carry out an increase in our performance within the field of betting.

An example of patent betting

While it is true that the explanation may be clear, surely a good example is much better than any text we can put. For this reason, and with the aim of being able to provide our readers with greater simplicity throughout this process, we have made a small example that will surely help you better understand everything that we have just described previously.

First of all, we must know which matches we are going to bet on. In this case, we have selected the following:

Valencia – Barcelona: Bet 1

Madrid – Athletic: Bet 2

Seville – Betis: Bet 3

Once we have selected the bets that we are going to make, it is time to select the patent bet in the system. Once we choose this option, we must group the 7 combinations and obtain the three simple bets, the three double bets and the only triple:

Three simple bets

Bet 1: Valencia – Barcelona: Barcelona has won, odds @3.20
Bet 2: Madrid – Athletic: Madrid wins, odds @2.30
Bet 3: Sevilla – Betis: Draw between both, odds @3.40

Three double bets

Bet 1 and 2 results in odds of @7.36 after multiplying the odds of the two matches. (3.20 x 2.3)
Bet 1 and 3 gives us a quote of @10.88 after multiplying the odds. (3.20 x 3.40)
Bet 2 and 3 (2.30 x 3.40) = @7.82

A triple bet

Bet 1, 2 and 3 that gives us a quote at @25.04 (3.20 x 2.30 x 3.40)

What about the complexity of the bet?

The complexity of sports betting is one of the most worrying issues around it. However, it should be known that in most cases sports bets always have a greater complexity than simple bets. The reason is found in the fact that it is necessary to comply with all the programmed results in order to emerge as the winner of the challenge in question.

In this sense, the greater the number of forecasts that we take as a base, always respecting that it must be from three, the combination options skyrocket. And, therefore, the complexity too. Therefore, we are faced with an option that, although it is true that it can generate a significant number of benefits, must also take into account the number of combinations and the complexity that it can achieve.

However, and as we have previously mentioned, the main benefit that we find in this type of bet is profitability. Therefore, despite the fact that it is true that the complexity of the bets may be greater than what we would find in any other option that we opted for, the reality is that we also find a system that can benefit us in a considerable way. the moment in which we carry out the coverage of all the needs that we have. If we succeed with the bets in question, we will surely have a range of options to be able to make the most of all our savings. Allowing a greater number of options for which we can choose.

ventajas de una apuesta patent

How are patent bets paid?

Although it is true that everything related to multiple bets takes on extra complexity, it is also important to know what the payment method is for this type of bet in order to be able to cover all the needs with which We count the moment in which we seek to make the most of our savings. In this case, we must know that the base of the amount that is being bet is going to be multiplied by seven. Therefore, in the event that we win the bets, no matter how little the profit ratio is, we are always sure that the return will be much higher than that of any other action that we have.

In addition, it is also important that we bear in mind that it is not necessary for us to hit all our bets in order to obtain the desired profit. But hitting some of them is more than enough to write other benefits.

Although we place the quotes set at the same time, at the time of carrying out the payment of the bets, we will have seven bets independent of each other. Therefore, the form of payment will be made as such. In the event that all three are winners, we will collect all seven. However, if we have a bet that has failed, we collect all those bets in which the failed selection is not involved. This is one of the keys to patent betting, being one of the objectives for which we can benefit from this type of tool.


As we have seen, patent betting is one of the best options for all those who are looking for a betting system with which they can make the most of each of their movements. Contrary to general belief, it is worth knowing that it is not always as easy to hit with a Carlos bet as with a simple bet. However, we must bear in mind that the wide variety of options we opted for allow us to cover all the existing needs in gameplay mat.

You must bear in mind that at Affiliabet, as the number 1 sports betting manager, we have a wide range of options that allow us to cover all our needs in terms of affiliate marketing. Do not miss the opportunity to discover everything we can offer you and make the most of all your possibilities. At Affiliabet, with patent betting, we are already waiting for you!

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