Copa del Rey basketball predictions: who will win?

Quien ganará la copa del rey de baloncesto 2022

From next February 17 and until the 20th, basketball lovers have an appointment with the first official title of this season. This is the King’s Cup. A set of matches that face the eight first classified and that becomes the perfect prelude to enjoy a show that is repeated, if all the teams are lucky, at the end of the season with the Play Offs. This season, the show is even bigger. The first two Euroleague budgets, as is the case of F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid will face each other if they both play a good game against their respective rivals. Demonstrating the good state of form in which Spanish basketball is.

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Copa del rey de baloncesto

The calendar is one of the most consulted doubts by our visitors. It is important to note all the dates well, since we must be attentive to all the meetings that are going to arise with the aim of being able to hit our bets.

In this case, we find the following matches that are going to completely define the future of the teams that we will talk about next.

Juventut – Lenovo Tenerife: Thursday, February 17 – 6:30 p.m. (match 1)
Real Madrid – Río Breogán: Thursday, February 17 – 9:30 p.m. (match 2)
Valencia – UCAM Murcia: Friday, February 18 – 6:30 p.m. (match 3)
Barça – Baxi Manresa: Friday, February 18 – 9:30 p.m. (match 4)
The semifinals, meanwhile, will be distributed as follows:

Winner 1 – Winner 2: Saturday, February 19 – 6:30 p.m. (match 5)
Winner 3 – Winner 4: Saturday, February 19 – 9:00 p.m. (match 6)
Lastly, the ending:

Winner 5 – Winner 6: Sunday, February 20 – 6:30 p.m.

Copa del Rey 2022 predictions, the favorites

Although it is true that it is complex to highlight which are the favorites at the time of carrying out the analysis of the predictions for the Copa del Rey 2022, the reality is that there are two teams that seem clear that they will be able to make the difference. In this section we are going to analyze which are the options that are going to mark a before and after in this cup. Or so we hope.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid is a team that is always very good at the Copa del Rey. It currently has 28 championships. which makes it the most successful team in the competition in historical terms. To these 28 championships we have to add the 22 runners-up. So it has been present in a large number of moments in which the Copa del Rey has been close to being decided.

Depending on which bookmaker you opt for at the moment, the reality is that it seems that Real Madrid will always be one of the favorites when it comes to the Copa del Rey. However, in this edition, its role is even clearer. With a squad capable of competing face to face with the greats of Europe.

F.C. Barcelona
The F.C. Barcelona is another of those teams that we should always keep in mind. Even more so this year, when the group is in one of the sweetest moments of its last years. Much of the blame lies with Sarunas Jasikevicius, the coach who has managed to position FC Barcelona at the top of not only the Spanish sphere, but also Europe.

The incorporation of players of the stature of Nicola Mirotic means that at any time we want to carry out any forecast for the 2022 Copa del Rey basketball game, F.C. Barcelona appears in all bets. Being one of the teams that always has to be present in this type of competition. Even more so in one such as the Copa del Rey, one of the competitions with the greatest personality in our country. If we analyze the trajectory that the azulgrana team is having during the last matches, we can see how its impact is even greater.

Predictions by match

Juventut de Badalona vs Lenovo Tenerife

We are facing one of the games that has generated the greatest expectation since the moment the clashes were known. For this reason, many customers want to know the forecast for this match. However, it is worth knowing that despite the fact that Lenovo Tenerife is one of those teams that can always stand up to a single game, the reality is that if we stick to the data we have collected during this season, Tenerife has lost its two ACB league matches against Juventut.

However, it is convenient to know that he had won the previous three. So we are faced with a confrontation in which it seems that nothing has been decided and that there will surely end up being a high-flying duel. In which the physical condition of all the players who arrive at the match will be key in terms of performance. Being one of the meetings that is raising a greater number of suspicions in everything that has to do with ACB forecasts.

Real Madrid vs Breogan

After the previous game, we find the first participation of one of the teams that is called to be one of the favorites in the conquest for the title. Although it is true that in the Copa del Rey, due to the nature of the competition, anything can happen. The reality is that, together with the F.C. Barcelona, ​​we are facing one of the teams that has achieved greater prominence in recent years in this type of competition.

This match is not expected to have a great story behind it. The whites have won four of the last five matches against the Galicians. And, with the pressure that we find in Copa del Rey matches, it is almost certain that there will be no surprise that could cause a second defeat by the team coached by Pablo Laso. We cannot forget the excellent performance that the Spanish coach always obtains in his teams. In addition to the good form with which they always reach the final phases of the competition. We cannot forget that the Copa del Rey is one of the thermometers to know the possibilities that the teams have. In this case, we are sure to see one of the most beautiful battles in basketball.

Valencia vs UCAM Murcia

Without a doubt, the match between Valencia Basket and UCAM Murcia is one of the most anticipated by all basketball fans in our country. In this case, we find ourselves with one of the duels in which sparks are sure to fly in each of the plays. Although it is true that the Valencia Basket team arrives at the match with a four-win streak in the last five matches, the reality is that we can surely find a very competitive duel in which the most decisive players of both teams, such as the case of Víctor Claver, have a lot to say about it.

It is worth knowing that the Murcia team was the winner of the last league match played between the two teams. So I am sure that the Valencians will arrive at the game with the knife between their teeth to be able to demonstrate the character that the Valencian team always shows. Being one of the candidates to win the title season after season. In addition, in this edition, with a team that shows great harmony in all the actions it carries out.

Barcelona vs Baxi Manresa

Finally, we have to go to the Catalan derby to attend one of those matches that are sure to be fans. The character of both sets is more than demonstrated. It is no coincidence that the coach of F.C. Barcelona is in the news game after game for the criticism he makes of his team whenever they do not play at the desired level. And we are sure that in this Copa del Rey we will not obtain a very different result. The F.C. Barcelona, ​​like Real Madrid, will arrive at this tournament eager to show their fans how the good work they have been doing throughout the year will bear fruit with the first title of the season.

For its part, Baxi Manresa has a lot to say about it. And he’s going into this match needing to be able to secure a win that would give him the boost he needs in the competition. Being one of the candidates to be able to give the big surprise. A surprise that will happen because they will defend at an excellent level and to demonstrate how they are capable of paralyzing the continuous offensive threats that FC Barcelona has. Without a doubt, a game that will surely be a pleasure to watch and we have many doubts that they can offer us an excellent show.

As we have been able to verify, there are many conditions that can come into play at the moment of carrying out an adequate forecast on the Copa del Rey basketball game. Thanks to the wide variety of conditions that exist in the market, we will always have all the guarantees that we are facing one of the basketball festivals that is always worth knowing first-hand.

The Basketball King’s Cup is the ideal time to take a break from our basketball routine and enjoy some of the best players in the world. At Affiliabet, as the number 1 affiliate marketing manager in Spain, you can place your favorite bets on some of the different brands that exist in our catalogue. Making the most of all the options you have.

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