What is affiliate marketing and how to make money?

Hombre ganando dinero marketing de afiliación
In recent years, the digital field has been one of the sectors that has shown the greatest growth and capacity to adapt to the environment. Internet, social networks and digital marketing have been three of the aspects that have evolved in parallel with the rise of new technologies. Exploring innovative formulas that allow them to adapt to new market demands.

One of the results of all of this equation is affiliate marketing. Breaking into the market as an alternative for all those users who want to work in the online sales channel and generate extra income with the promotion of products or services online. With more than 20 years of history, it is currently considered one of the best marketing tools. In this article we show you what affiliate marketing is and how it is possible to generate money with this technique through specialized platforms, such as Affiliabet.
To understand exactly what affiliate marketing is, we must go back to its beginnings. In the 1990s, Amazon began offering its users a service with which to earn money in exchange for offering visibility to its products. From a personalized URL, and by creating a record base, each user who bought the product through that link generated a profit in the affiliate. A unique opportunity that allowed anyone, without having any specialized knowledge, to earn money working comfortably from home.

We were faced with a unique opportunity, since the only thing we could get are profits. As there was no cost or having to buy any product in advance, all interested parties who opted for this type of formula did not assume any risk, they only enjoyed its benefits. A business model that has remained intact until today.

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Qué es marketing de afiliación

The advantages of affiliate marketing

According to the aforementioned, the three agents involved in the commercial transaction obtain immediate benefits:
In the case of affiliates, it is possible to make the most of their own website. As well as the blog or the social networks they have. This way, you don't need to make any investment to earn recurring income.
In the case of producers, they benefit from a greater diversification of their distribution and communication channels. In this case, the main impact we get is that a greater amount of sales are achieved.
Finally, we meet the customers. They obtain different channels for the purchase of any product or the contracting of any service. Obtaining a greater amount of possibilities to make the purchase.

Altogether, we find ourselves in a scenario in which all the parties involved make a profit without having to dedicate a great deal of effort. Consolidating itself as an increasingly attractive source of income. Even more so at a time like this, in which electronic commerce is experiencing one of the most golden times that we can find.

Ventajas y tipos del marketing de afiliación

Affiliate Marketing: How Many Kinds Of Promotion Are There?

As with any other aspect of marketing, it is important to know that in affiliate marketing we also include different types of promotion. In Affiliabet you can discover each of them. It is important that you know that it is the producer himself who must decide which of the various options that exist according to the nature of each product. As well as the goals you want to achieve.

The main types of promotion that exist in the market are the following.

Cost per click (CPC)

When we assume a Cost per Click program, also known under the acronym of CPC, we find a type of benefit that is generated from each click that the user gives on the link, the banner or the pop up, depending on the format selected.

The remuneration that any affiliate has will depend directly on the performance of each advertiser's campaign. Therefore, it is necessary to work on the format that is carried out in order to make the most of the options that we have.

Coste por acción (CPA)

The second of the types of promotion that exist within the area of ​​affiliate marketing is called cost per action. Also known by the acronym CPA: in this case, the affiliate only receives money in the event that users click on the advertisement and take some action on the landing page. It is not necessary to carry out the purchase, but you can also receive the money in the event that you request information about a budget or register in a section previously enabled for it.

Contrary to what happened in the previous case, it is important to work the description of each product well. As well as showing the advantages that we can find according to each product in question. In this case, it is important to bear in mind that we do not depend solely on advertising. Rather, a series of factors intervene that require a job so that they can experience their return.

Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

The Cost per Thousand Impressions depends on the advertiser the value that they want to provide to each affiliate at the moment in which the advertising action reaches a thousand views. These views are only counted if the visitor comes to the landing page from any other website. The views of the visitors who are already browsing the web and who are already being impacted by advertising are not effective.

CPM is one of the most popular options that we can find in this field. Since it generates an immediate return for each of the visitors that we manage to collect. Historically, it is one of the indicators that has always had a special role in the digital field. Acting as an important indicator of the success of the actions we are carrying out on our products or services.

Cost per Sale (CPV)

In the Cost Per Sale model, known under the acronym of CPV, we find a type of model in which a commission is only received at the moment in which the shared link generates sales. In the case that we are a producer that does not yet have a large volume of business, it is one of the best options for which we can opt, since it allows a much more controlled cost structure than that we could find through of any other methodology.

CPV has become one of the solutions favored by a greater number of businesses that rely on affiliate marketing to increase the visibility of their products. It perfectly responds to one of the maxims of affiliate marketing, which is that everyone involved in the process receives benefits in each of their actions, without distinction.

Product promotion: the channels to consider

One of the most common questions among all those interested in affiliate marketing that we offer from Affiliabet refers to the existing channels to carry out the recommendation of the products. It is important to know that it is not necessary to have an exclusive channel for this. However, and given the digital scenario in which we find ourselves, it is recommended. Since our potential clients will be able to find all the products from the same space, being much easier to generate the habit for the consultation to be carried out in our space.

These are some of the most important channels that we can find to plan the promotion of products in a more effective way.

Web page

Historically, web pages have always been one of the best resources to work with on affiliate marketing. In this type of space we can gather all the options with which we currently work and show them to the public in an organized way.

One of the main advantages that websites offer us is that we can know what the search trends and the interests of our clients are. Information that is not so easy to gather in the event that we opt for other types of options.

Over the years, Google Ads has established itself in one of the most efficient ways when it comes to carrying out greater visibility on some of our products or services. One of the main advantages that this platform offers us is that it allows us to offer greater segmentation and reach a target audience that, based on previously defined interests, will allow us to achieve greater effectiveness in our actions.

In many cases, Google Ads is an excellent tool on which to structure all our sales strategies. However, it is also important to note that you can help us drive traffic to our website and increase recognition of our business through an extensive network of partners.

Social networks

If we have to highlight a sector that has experienced unprecedented growth during the last decade, it is, without a doubt, that of social networks. The scope that they allow to obtain in a matter of minutes becomes one of the best investments that we can opt for when carrying out a social media strategy that allows us to reach our audience.

During the early stages of affiliate marketing, Facebook was one of the social networks that showed the highest return. However, over time, the rest of the options that we currently have can also be of great help, given the scope they offer us.

Email marketing

Finally, it is also worth highlighting the notoriety achieved by email marketing. Despite the emergence of new communication channels as a result of technological development, email marketing continues to be positioned as one of the marketing tools that offers the highest return according to various studies carried out. Therefore, it is important to take into account a tool when carrying out promotions and campaigns to give greater visibility to our business.
As we have seen, affiliate marketing is one of the solutions that we must value for all those who want to obtain extra income without having to carry out any type of investment. The growth of the internet, the development of social networks, and the consolidation of electronic commerce have allowed this aspect of marketing to become one of the best investments for which we can choose.

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